Red Rot Ruin: May 2021 Build of the Month

May 2021 Build of the Month

An ancient ruin lurks deep in the murk of Bleakmyre Swamp. Crumbled walls and shattered flagstones sinking into the water are all that remain of a fallen temple. The rubble is infested with strange parasites, carnivorous plants, and a malevolent presence waiting to be released…

The Red Rot Ruin bundle is a stand-alone collection of ruins, dungeons, dressing, and miniatures giving you everything you need to build a variety of encounters. The Dungeon Ruins & Ledges pieces in this bundle pair very well with our intact Dungeon pieces (such as the included Dungeon Starter Set), making this bundle the perfect expansion to an existing Dungeon collection.

Watch the narrative video above for one idea of a story you could run using this bundle. We also have a Build Tips video demonstrating some tricks and techniques to get the most out of this bundle. Below we have a build guide PDF download offering step-by-step instructions on how to build the encounter as shown. Finally, this month we also have an additional PDF download of 5E stats to use for this encounter as written.

Below we offer PDF downloads of build guides (which show how to construct the encounter) and stat blocks (which have 5E stats for a new monster and magic item).

Build Guides for May Build of the Month

Stat Blocks for May Build of the Month

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