The Caves are Alive with the Sound of HELL: June 2021 Build of the Month

June 2021 Build of the Month

A mysterious patron invites the heroes to an exclusive cabaret contest. But the true nature of the location and the host are masked by layer upon layer of illusion. When finally unmasked, the devilish mastermind will flee to his fiery inner sanctum for a dramatic final showdown.

The Caves are Alive with the Sound of Hell is a stand-alone collection of essential Caverns pieces filled with infernally-thematic elements from Hellscape. It builds a variety of cave encounters, with a wealth of cool details for plenty of narrative and interactive elements for your players. For even more drama, the Deluxe Version includes two more Hellscape sets featuring translucent magma.

This bundle includes a bonus gift card, and is a fantastic entry into Dwarven Forge. If you already have a Caverns collection, this mix of core pieces and Hellscape accessories is ideal for expanding your arsenal. Watch the narrative video above for one idea of a musical-themed story you could run using this bundle.

Below we offer PDF downloads of build guides (which show how to construct the encounter) and stat blocks (to use for running this encounter as written).

Build Guides for June Build of the Month

Stat Blocks for June Build of the Month

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