DF Floor Fogger

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Add fog and smoke to your build!

The DF Floor Fogger is a miniature fog machine that spouts bursts of water vapor.  It features two modes - continuous and intermittent - for maximum versatility.  It operates with replaceable AAA batteries (included) or USB (micro; cord not included).

The Fogger pairs especially well with any of the following sets: the "Heart of" Series; The Hole Knoll Pack plus the Dismal Bog Pack; and The Oblivion Nexus Pack plus the Mountain SFX Floor.  Only the black Fogger unit is included with this set.

The Fogger has a small water reservoir.  Please use distilled water, since tap or mineral water will eventually leave deposits inside the unit.   

Click here for more information about the Fogger.

DF Floor Fogger
DF Floor Fogger
DF Floor Fogger