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by jkratzer
Sun Feb 13, 2005 12:38 pm
Forum: Dwarven Forge News
Topic: Photo of new Sci-Fi pieces
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Photo of new Sci-Fi pieces

<r>So, Jeff and Stefan,<br/> <br/> WHEN will the Beta Expansion ship??? <E>:cry:</E> <br/> I have a dealer here in Baltimore who is waiting for a legitimate excuse to take my pre-order, which he ethically can NOT do without something from you for him to order!<br/> Please pleasepleasepleasePLEASE gi...
by jkratzer
Fri Dec 10, 2004 7:32 am
Topic: Wizard tower
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Wizard tower

I just want to know where did you get all that cool furniture?
I recognize the DF furniture, but what about those bookcases and the the credenza and desk?
You gotta tell me; I run too many D&D dungeons to go nekkid anymore!
by jkratzer
Thu Apr 15, 2004 10:38 am
Forum: Fantasy Master Maze products
Topic: What do you think our next set should be?
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What do you think our next set should be?

I've read all the suggestions, and mine would have to be; 1. triangle floor tiles 2. the various cavern expansions pieces - tall walls, cliffs, etc. 3. really GOOD sewers - or at least sewer pipe wall pieces, where the smaller pipe comes out of the wall and drains over the floor. 4. sculpted pillars...

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