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by DFSuzy
Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:09 am
Forum: How Do I Use This Stuff?
Topic: How do the Dwarvenite Caverns match up to the old Resin sets?
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Re: How do the Dwarvenite Caverns match up to the old Resin sets?

@Danarchy2020: The Dwarvenite cavern sets do match up with the older resin sets as far as size is concerned, but since they are made of a different material, there is some slight variation in the appearance. You can certainly build your layout in a way that minimizes this, and there should not be an...
by DFSuzy
Thu Jul 02, 2015 7:01 pm
Forum: Ask Dwarven Forge
Topic: Next Resin Restock?
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Re: Next Resin Restock?

In the future, can there be some kind of real-time indication as to how many items are currently in stock? I foolishly thought these promo items had just been produced, as opposed to be found gathering dust in a warehouse. As I also want Catacomb 1, which cannot be added to my cart right now for so...
by DFSuzy
Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:28 pm
Forum: Non-Gaming Talk
Topic: Sold out again!
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Re: Sold out again!

Hi guys!, This is Suzy — Dwarven Forge Orders Manager. Thank you all for your outpouring of support for our resin items! We have recently moved one of our warehouses and unearthed some ancient treasures - which is why there was a partial release of a few resin items yesterday. I posted them in antic...

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