International Shipping Quotes

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International Shipping Quotes

Post by DFSuzy » Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:42 am

Hi Guys,

I have had several customers email me stating that someone posted on the forum that if you email Suzy, she will get you a better shipping quote than the website offers. I don't know which one of you said this, but please stop telling people that ... please?? Please???

We recently upgraded to a real-time shipping calculator on our website. The shipping costs reflected are accurate now. We apologize that it is so high, but we don't have control over what the shipping compaines charge, and our products are kind of heavy.

The biggest problem with asking us for shipping quotes: they are rarely significantly less than the shopping cart. Not only that, but it often takes our poor shipping clerk, Liz, days to get the quotes back because of the many many people asking for this service. Dwarven Forge also has to pay them to create a quote, essentially rendering any savings null.

So, unless your order is HUGE (as in over $1500 or more) please refrain from asking us for quotes. Liz can't take it anymore, guys. It's too much for her ... plus it makes it hard on me, too.

Thanks very much for understanding. We really are working on finding better shipping options for the EU and Canada, but there are only so many hours in the day ... and requesting quotes takes up the time we could be looking for better solutions. :)

Thank you in advance to you all!


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