Are we playing games?

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Re: Are we playing games?

Post by kodiakbear » Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:03 pm

Are you sure it is not all the people putting a hundred of a item in their cart causing it?

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Are we playing games?

Post by kitenerd » Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:41 am

I have watched in frustration over the last several years, as sets i wanted sold out without warning. The lack of a heads up from DF has caused me to miss things i genuinely wanted to purchase and subsequently scramble to overpay on the secondary market.

Then someone shared the simple trick of trying to buy 100 and finding out the remaining inventory. This has been a great tool for planning, budgeting and not getting caught unaware. Now it appears DF is manipulating inventory levels to "trick" us into buying, creating artificial shortage where no shortage exists.

During KS4, at a certain point it became obvious that so much was being created, that there would not be the much hoped for alternative shoreline sculpts for Cavern Water. At this point the number of cavern water packs was in single digits. Not wanting to miss out (i had held off in the hopes of diversifying my shoreline) i diverted money from KS4 and placed a quick order from the webstore.

Just for fun i checked today (hoping to pat myself on the back for being one step ahead) and now it suddenly appears that there is PLENTY of inventory for Cavern water. I am left with the impression that DF manipulated inventory levels to create artificial shortage. (Please note: i DID NOT accuse DF of doing anything intentional. I have carefully used words like 'it appears' and said 'i was left with the impression'. My feelings are mine and are legitimate.) This feeling of being tricked only compounds my disappointment at not getting the new sculpts i was hoping for. Additionally and perhaps more disappointing, this deprived KS4 of at least $100 (as long as i am paying shipping, i gotta get a few things to make it worthwhile...).

I hope that in the future, DF can find a way to accurately communicate inventory levels. This will help us as collectors maximize our collections and support the webstore with our purchases rather than the secondary market.
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