Pokorny Paint in Airbrush?

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Re: Pokorny Paint in Airbrush?

Post by Arcarius2001 » Sun Apr 24, 2016 9:31 am

Oh man, that guardtower! I have had it bookmarked but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Great pieces!

As for painting, I do not airbrush so I cannot answer that. But for palette, on these two pieces I don't think that I would paint them to match DF perfectly. That said, I would use some of the DF colors when you do it. Like the stone could be done in DF but not the rest. Or the roof of the watchtower done as a blue DF style rooftop. For the cottage, I would paint the stone bits to match the DF dungeon palette, the building looks more run down and the dungeon cobblestone looks darker and colder to me. But the roof etc I would paint up like in the picture, again darker wood than found in the tudor pieces in CBS.

I think variety makes a town look nice. Don't paint them completely different from the DF pieces you use, but find ways to complement your main pieces. Just my two cents worth of opinion.

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Pokorny Paint in Airbrush?

Post by FattyLumpkin » Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:40 am

Hi...I'm new to painting and have the feeling it's fine to use Pokorny paints in an air brush...but,

Is it okay to use Pokorny paints in an airbrush right out of the bottle?

Also, please don't tell anyone, but I recently purchased two non-DR pieces. Okay, more than 2. But I could use some opinion on 2 yet unpainted pieces. See, until now I have painted a couple pieces to match the DF style/color. Say it with me, seamless world. However, the below links are the two unpainted pieces. My flagship pieces. I kind of want to copy the way they're painted in the photos (with slight changes) but...would you do that or would you, DF loyalist, paint these to match DF?



Guard Tower:

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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