City Campaign & Dungeon of Doom Playthrough

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Re: City Campaign

Post by Rabbit Burner » Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:35 am

AnimeSensei wrote:
Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:56 pm

Stunning setup AnimeSensei - Love it and will read the adventure when I get time at home - at work at the moment ;)

One Question - where did you get the water from?
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Re: City Campaign

Post by AnimeSensei » Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:46 am

The party escapes detection and decide to take the Ioun Stone back to Svesty in return for him telling them where Anaru Taine is; however they decide they should probably be very careful with the ratman. On the way to the Bloody Knuckle bar, a shadowy figure whispers in Dante’s ear; Dante turns around and notices the individual a few paces off in the shadows. He steels himself and walks over. The hooded figure appears to be Maka, and asks what the party is doing. Dante explains the situation with getting the stone for Svesty but not much else. Maka says he knows of the ratman and warns them to be careful as he’s shifty. Maka says he’s been trying to secure as much of his family’s possessions as possible, and would like to meet with his father as there was a falling out and he can’t get near him anymore. Dante doesn’t tell him that they are in negotiations with Svesty to go see Anaru but says he will keep his eyes and ears open. Maka says he will be at the Hulking Hog inn if they need to find him.

The party meets up with Svesty at the Bloody Knuckle bar. He is very eager to get the “small, dusty jewel” but the party pressures him for info as to why he is so eager to get it. He is caught in a lie that it’s his grandmother’s so the party requires him to take them to Anaru Taine instead of just tell them where he is as they don’t trust Svesty. He objects but eventually obliges; he however states he doesn’t want to be seen as he questioned Anaru about how he was treating his son Maka and Anaru might have his guards called. Svesty doesn’t want trouble. He leads them down to a warehouse in the docks district that is rather ordinary. He stops short of the door and says he needs the jewel. The party says no as they haven’t seen Anaru yet. Margit knocks at the door and Svesty runs off. Some of the party follows after him and catch him, but after the door opens and it appears Anaru is located inside, they give him the jewel (Ioun stone) and he scampers off. Those waiting near the door see a guard open it; he tries to brush them off. They ask for Anaru Taine and he says that Anaru isn’t there, but when they say that they are interested in purchasing a property of his (a lie), the guard changes his tune and welcomes them in. They are required to leave their weapons before meeting with Anaru.

Anaru Taine welcomes them in; he seems very interested in Almaris and Dante for some reason. The party tries to bring up Maka’s name but he says he has no son and threatens to throw them out if they insist on pushing the issue. He is more than happy to discuss his property holdings as that was the premise that the PCs entered the building. It becomes apparent the PCs can’t afford what he wants to sell, however he turns to Dante and Almaris and says he knows a way they could earn some coin. He brings out a paper with a list of names on it from a drawer. Dante and Almaris spot their names and the names of the original PCs, along with Tristival. They recognize it as the list of people that Ventia had created as a sort of “hit list” for people who she said “The Masters” told her to collect for them. They remember Tristival had turned into some pale, slimy-skinned monster with weird growths coming out of his face and they needed to kill him. They remember Lam Vincente who had a strange parasite lodged in his brain after going underground with Ventia. He says he knows what happened to them and he knows who Ventia was working for. He says he is working with someone called Szvek to bring down those that are the puppet-masters of the City. He has been selling his material goods to help Szvek eliminate these creatures that live below the City and prey on those living above. If the PCs can get rid of these creatures, it would take stress off of them with them no longer being on the radar or some creature that implants parasites in brains, and it would help Szvek work to get rid of Killiam. He says these creatures down below have infiltrated the guilds, have infiltrated the government, and want to keep treating those in the City as their playthings.

The party doesn’t fully trust Anaru, but see that he does know a lot of what has happened to them, and it does make sense. They have a bad feeling about Szvek but decide to go with Anaru at least for now. He gives them a map of the tunnels under the City that Dante and Almaris can make out and decipher. They thank him and leave.

The party decides to report back to Maka at the Hulking Hog. He thanks them for the information but says he will be continuing to go alone at trying to get his family’s possessions back. Anaru’s actions don’t sound to him like he ever saw his father act; he never cared much for politics or charity.

The party gears up and heads down past the Deep Gates to where Dante and Almaris feel the area is shown on the map. There are so many tunnels under the City that it would take multiple lifetimes to map them all, so while they have a general idea of where this map shows, they have never been to this area.

The party ventures down and eventually come across a giant spider who has apparently found some prior victims.

Cavern2.jpg (121.51 KiB) Viewed 4796 times
Cavern3.jpg (99.37 KiB) Viewed 4796 times
They continue onward and find a strange statue with a carving of some tentacled monster on it. It reminds them of the creature that they saw in the wreckage in the desert. In the tentacles is a strange, glimmering sword. As they reach for it, the tentacles animate and attack those closeby. The party pounds the stone into dust. The sword is strangely sharp and highly reflective (+2 longsword). They can make out some strange runes on the remaining stone. Anthem tries to read them and discovers they resemble some form of Aklo. As he reads, he feels the words in his brain rather than read them; it’s highly unusual and quite nerve-wracking.

Cavern4.jpg (95.38 KiB) Viewed 4796 times
The party continues on and finds a large room with a pit; as they approach a large tentacle comes up and grappeles them, they try to maneuver around but a roper sends out ropey tentacles from across the room, and then a strange humanoid appears above them and starts casting spells. The party is relieved to know they thought a fight might be coming up and they had cast several protection spells that seemed to help them greatly, as they take all of these enemies down with ease. The humanoid reminds them of Tristival; the body has a blue translucency and he has small appendages protruding from his face. They press forward until they come to a locked door. Dante and Almaris recognize it as a style they have seen before in the strange temple-like area Ventia led Lam Vincente to and where they fought a strange beast that had tentacles coming out of its face; Ventia had said it was one of the Masters.

Cavern5.jpg (97.06 KiB) Viewed 4796 times
Cavern6.jpg (134.79 KiB) Viewed 4796 times
Cavern7.jpg (103.41 KiB) Viewed 4796 times

They manage to unlock the door and waiting for them is another statue like the one that had held the sword. The approach cautiously but it doesn’t appear to animate. There is another door leading to another room. The walls of this room are filled with carvings and illustrations of eyes, tentacles, and fire. Anthem notices that the door is like the writing on the obelisks; if he focuses on it, it appears to meld with his mind somehow. The party readies themselves and he opens the door.

Cavern8.jpg (99.22 KiB) Viewed 4796 times
The door opens to a furnished room; at the far end of the room, looking into a shallow brazier filled with some liquid is a humanoid dressed in fine robes and a face full of tentacles. Some of the party recognize it as a creature from horror stories; one they had assumed might be here but none had really though real, it appeared to be a Mind Flayer. It looks up and analyzes them. In their minds they all hear “You? This is it? I expected more….” and they realize it has been tracking them through the area.

Anthem quickly closes the door. They party regroups and prepares for a fight. He opens the door again and this time the Mind Flayer is over by a fireplace, turned away from them. He tells them through their minds that he knows why they’re here. He says that Szvek isn’t who they think he is and that all he wishes to do is usurp control. The Mind Flayer makes an argument that while what Szvek says is true, that they do control much of the City above, and do require the occasional individual to be consumed or elevated to a higher level of consciousness (like they could be), there has been peace in the City since control was gained by his race. True, Killiam invaded, but after the invasion, few lives have been lost. The guilds are at peace with each other, the government is stable, and no one knows they are cattle in a pen. There is stability. Anthem closes the door and they discuss.

The party doesn’t buy it and they rush in. The Mind Flayer is waiting for them on the other side of the door; as it opens, they all hear a “Boo!” in their heads as he attacks. He quickly conjures up two fire elementals, takes a few hits, and then vanishes from existence. The party searches for any trace of him but he appears to be gone.

Cavern9.jpg (113.53 KiB) Viewed 4796 times
Cavern1.jpg (97.63 KiB) Viewed 4796 times
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Re: City Campaign

Post by AnimeSensei » Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:14 am

Before the party leaves, they decide to see if they can work to reincarnate Weir. The druids of the Everwood agree to help and cast the spell; the party watches as the soulstone begins to morph and grow, eventually they see a fully-grown elf who wakes up. Weir recognizes everyone and wants to go back to Almus, however Tessara asks him to stay to help repair some of the damage caused with the recent events due to decay and depopulation. He agrees. Tessara informs Faun to find a half-elf named Doud in Almus, and he hopefully can help her get on her feet in the city. (Doud is played by Shepherd and Weir's player; he gets an itch to try new characters if you can't tell ;) )

Doud.jpg (68.12 KiB) Viewed 4784 times
The party leaves the Everwood, heading back to Almus. They enter the city and Faun is amazed at the scope. They go to the Dead Rabbits to inform them that Weir won’t be back soon. They visit some shops to procure goods, including a newly opened shop headed by a blue-skinned gnome. Dante, Almaris, and Margit are the only members of the party who travelled with Ashe, but by chance didn’t go with the party members that visited Ashe’s store, so no one knew each other. The party finds out that much of Maka’s family’s fortune is being sold off and they are told to find a business partner of Maka’s father (Anaru Taine) names Svesty at the Bloody Knuckle bar down by the docks. Faun finds where Doud lives; she knocks on the door and a suave and well-dressed half-elf answers. He introduces himself as Doud and agrees to help her find a footing in the city. As he is showing everyone around, the party notices the Bloody Knuckle bar a ways away and they convince Doud to show them the area around it. It’s a pretty dangerous area and he informs Faun she probably shouldn’t ever come this way again as it’s dangerous. (Doud is a half-elf with some demonic heritage; the player plays him as a scoundrel type but he is of the ninja class.)

Inside the bar the party finds a ratman named Svestronicus (Svesty) who says he is a scavenger extraordinaire. He knows of Anaru Taine but to get info from him, he wants a tiny insignificant jewel from a stash of goods that Anaru is planning to ship out on a boat very soon. He will trade information for the jewel. He seems very nervous and desperate, but the party isn’t sure if that’s just his nature or if something else is going on. He will tell them where Anaru is once the jewel is given to him.

While at the bar, Dante begins talking with the shopkeep about a magnificent bow on the wall. The barkeep says it’s the grand prize for the Dragon Dice tournament tonight. He bought it from the Taine’s collection for a good deal and is looking to make some quick coin with a gambling tournament. Dante encourages other PCs to join him to help win the bow and after a few rounds of elimination, all that remains are the PCs and Dante wins the bow. (It’s an Oathbow.) (Dragon Dice is played where you roll 3D6 in private, 1D6 in public. On the count of 3, either keep your die or give it to another person. The highest without going over 18 wins.)

The party agrees to find the jewel and Svesty tells them to visit a warehouse by the water; they find it and also find a large cargo ship closeby that is being loaded with cargo. The laborers loading the ship appear friendly. Dante heads inside the warehouse alone and finds it to be a boat repair/manufacturing company. Doud decides to sneak in and visit the floors above. He quickly notices there are guards posted and manages to stay hidden for the most part, until he decides to venture through a closed door and a guard notices. Doud quickly runs to a window, opens it, and dives into the water. The guard starts screaming there is an intruder. The laborers loading the ship stop and try to find Doud, but he manages to stay underwater and swim away. Almaris turns herself into a sturgeon and starts swimming around; the rest of the party point out the sturgeon and manage to get most people outside to figure that whatever the guard saw is the large fish swimming around; after the commotion calms down, Almaris swims away and changes back. A man in armor comes out of a building next to the warehouse and asks what’s going on. After a discussion, he says to just have all of the cargo from the warehouse loaded onto the ship tonight so it can leave in the morning.

Waterfront.jpg (136.6 KiB) Viewed 4784 times
Waterfront 2.jpg
Waterfront 2.jpg (135.33 KiB) Viewed 4784 times
Waterfront 3.jpg
Waterfront 3.jpg (133.69 KiB) Viewed 4784 times
While Almaris and Doud are hiding, the rest of the party talks to a small ragtag boy who is in the area and he tells them about guards that are stationed next door to the warehouse and their schedules. By this time, Doud and Almaris are back and Doud decides to climb the outside of the building adjacent to the warehouse to see how many guards there are. He notices enough that he doesn’t advise going inside.

Waterfront 4.jpg
Waterfront 4.jpg (85.62 KiB) Viewed 4784 times
Faun decides to try a plan to get access to the jewel: she calls over to the ship’s captain who comes to the edge of the ship. She casts Charm Person on him and asks him if they could use more hands to help load the ship with cargo. The captain obliges to such a pretty lady and her strong companions. The PCs begin helping to load cargo,trying to notice what is in the containers. To their chagrin, most of it appears to be bulk goods such as dried food, blankets, etc. Eventually the captain says it’s time to load the cargo from the warehouse and the PCs head into the ship repair shop and warehouse. They venture upstairs, past the guards, and up to a separate room on the roof. Guards are posted outside of a well fortified door. The guards question who these new porters are and the captain says they are new hires. The guards don’t like it. The captain and his real shipmates enter the room the guards are standing in front of and as they do, the PCs notice all kinds of treasure and jewels in the room. They launch their attack.

Waterfront 5.jpg
Waterfront 5.jpg (155.49 KiB) Viewed 4784 times
They close all doors and begin attacking the guards; the captain and his workers are trapped inside the treasure room. Eventually the PCs defeat the guards by way of swords and even some magic; Anthem casts a spell that causes a swarm of bees to appear to attack the guards; the PCs use the bees to their advantage and have them also enter the treasure room to secure a deal with the captain. He can have everything they leave and they will spare his life and his crewmates lives. The party finds the jewel and notices it is an Ioun Stone. They quickly leave the room and run away.

Waterfront 6.jpg
Waterfront 6.jpg (137.69 KiB) Viewed 4784 times
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Re: City Campaign

Post by AnimeSensei » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:12 am

Arcarius2001 wrote:
Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:43 am
Very cool setup! I like how you incorporated the LED pillars and orb with the Catacombs, it looks great. I wasn't aware that the Otherworld idol had an LED option, mine certainly does not. Is that a mod? If so, brilliant! If not, still brilliant!
The other catacomb set, the Hirst pieces, are those from Lady Sabelle? It's a good complement.
I actually bought it from someone pre-modded. I don't know where he got it from or if he did it himself, sorry! But if you do mod yours, they look very cool when lit! :)

The non-DF catacombs are a Lady Sabelle cast -and- painted set. If you look close, they even have "spell damage" from her fireworks display.
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Re: City Campaign

Post by Arcarius2001 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:43 am

Very cool setup! I like how you incorporated the LED pillars and orb with the Catacombs, it looks great. I wasn't aware that the Otherworld idol had an LED option, mine certainly does not. Is that a mod? If so, brilliant! If not, still brilliant!
The other catacomb set, the Hirst pieces, are those from Lady Sabelle? It's a good complement.

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Re: City Campaign

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Re: City Campaign

Post by AnimeSensei » Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:56 pm

The party still had one more clue to the remaining night hag’s whereabouts: a shiny, round sphere with a blinking light. There was an elf in the city who says when he was young, (400-500 years ago) he saw something like this in the shifting sands outside of the city, and says he can probably show them the general area where he saw it. As this is the best lead they have, they take him up on it. They travel outside of the city and he stops in an area completely covered by sand dunes. He says it was visible years ago, but he’s not sure exactly where it is now, though he thinks it is nearby. Shepherd conjures a gusting sphere to dig through the sand. After a few hours, the party eventually finds some scrap metal that appears to match with the sphere they have in their possession. After a little longer, they eventually find a sealed doorway to some sort of metal cave.

The metal cave has strange lights emanating from it. There is a circle-shaped depression next to the door; the party puts the sphere inside of it and the doors opens to show a lighted corridor filled with light. More lights are blinking inside. The party slowly enters. Shepherd and Faun are disgusted by this unnatural blight on the landscape; it seems completely manufactured and odd.

As the party delves further in, suddenly some metal golem like creatures appear at the end of the hallway. They make some beep-booping sounds and start approaching with flashing lights. Compartments open and appendages whir out with saws, needles, and other sharp objects extruding from their bodies. The party defends themselves against the strange creatures and have to smash them to bits as they keep self-repairing themselves with strange arms that come out to reattach pieces. Faun is stuck in the arm with a needle and her arm starts throbbing. Anthem determines the creature injected her with some sort of numbing agent, but the liquid is so far fermented and separated that it has likely turned into some sort of noxious compound. Almaris casts cure poison and Faun’s arms suddenly feels better.
ship 1.jpg
ship 1.jpg (93.61 KiB) Viewed 3978 times
They continue on and find two hallways blocked by strange translucent walls of force. The walls don’t appear to be easily dispelled. Further investigation reveals some rectangular components appear to have been torn out of the walls. Margit takes another hallway and finds a sealed door; she investigates and discovers how to use some buttons on a panel next to the door (the same panel that appears to be missing from the hallways with the force walls). She opens the door to reveal a room full of control panels, screens, and other strange mechanical gadgets. A strange metal man is in the room. He speaks to them in an obscure language, to which Anthem seems to slightly understand. He thinks the metal being is asking their rank or position. They decide to try to talk with it and show him the metal orb. He rolls up and takes it, puts it in a compartment in his side, and rolls back to his original position. The party decides to close the door before things turn bad. They continue down another hallway and find another closed door. Margit opens it and the party finds a large metal creature with multiple arms and a gaping hole in its chest (filled with arcing electricity) who starts making threatening motions. The party closes the door, buffs up, and launches an assault at the creature. It grabs Shepherd in one of its claws and starts shocking him with electricity from the hole in its chest; Shepherd in turn grows to a large size and starts attacking the creature. Faun eventually launches a fireball, which lands squarely in its gaping cavity and explodes the creature.
ship 2.jpg
ship 2.jpg (109.43 KiB) Viewed 3978 times
The party searches the room and find a hole that leads down as far as they can see. They also find this is one of the rooms previously blocked by the force walls and they also find a wall with another open/close panel. They decide to try to pry it out of the wall and want to use it in the hallway with the walls of force. They succeed on taking it out of the wall and go to the main hallway to attempt to use it to open another force wall. They match some wires and connectors and push the open button. The wall opens, but the panel smokes and promptly starts on fire. Almaris uses her new bow with frost capabilities and freezes the panel. It seems to work putting out the fire, but as the frost melts suddenly there are loud pops and all of the lights in that section of the wall go dark. The force wall stays open.

The party ventures down a hallway and find another room, and inside the room they find the last night hag. She accuses them of killing her sisters and attacks them in an incorporeal form. The party at this point has figured out how to fight the hags; Shepherd targets her necklace and when he breaks it she fully materializes and the party quickly dispatches her. They search the room and find some sort of L-shaped magical item that appears to emanate force energy but appears damaged (a cracked laser pistol, prone to explosion). They also find some extremely old books that appear to corroborate Xykon’s story of the vampires and the elves. Faun is heartbroken and questions all she has been taught. She feels they should bring this information to Tessara so it can be discussed. They also find several old maps of the Everwood, and notice it does indeed extend all of the way to the mountains surrounding the city of Almus. Almus appears destroyed in the maps and strange, large beasts are mentioned to inhabit the area where the city now stands.
ship hag.jpg
ship hag.jpg (112.38 KiB) Viewed 3978 times
They decide to go back to the control room. They open the door and quickly take the metal man out; they regain the orb that was now stored inside of him and also notice two ripped out control panels in the room (that were originally used to open/close the force walls in the hallway). Margit and Anthem push random buttons on the panels until a screen suddenly has a strange creature appear on it. It speaks in a language they don’t understand. It has purple skin, no hair, long fingers, and tentacles protruding from where its mouth should be. It does not appear to notice them and appears to be just talking in an unknown language. Almaris thinks this matches descriptions of creatures she has heard of before (but always thought were just stories) of mind flayers. She and Margit remember back to earlier when people were being transformed into strange creatures with translucent purple skin and had protrusions starting to grow from their face. Almaris remembers Dante’s former mentor Lam Vincenti who died when a strange creature was found inside his brain. Could these be the same creatures? The party is disconcerted.
ship layout.jpg
ship layout.jpg (115.07 KiB) Viewed 3978 times
They travel back to the Everwood, where Tessara is happy to announce that last night during trance, no one was attacked. She thanks them for their service to the Everwood and gives them each 5,000 gold. Almaris declines hers and asks that it be used for rebuilding of the kingdom. Shepherd gives his to the rest of the party and states that keeping the Everwood safe is enough for him. Tessara thanks him for his service again and he tells the party now that his objective here is complete, he will be leaving them. Anthem stays with the party.

Faun brings the history of the Everwood and the elvish people up to Tessara and states she now has proof that the elves, especially those in power have an ancestor in Xkyon and other vampires. Tessara immediately cracks down on such talk and demands that Faun cease speaking. Faun is hurt but wants to make sure that Tessara and the other elves know of the new evidence that was found. Tessara states that if she is focusing on such talk, that she will be banished from the Everwood for making such blasphemous statements. Faun is devastated but her faith is shaken and understands. She agrees to go with the rest of the party out of the Everwood when they leave. (Tessara later whispers to her that it’s nothing against Faun, it’s just that it would cause too much unrest and dissention if something like this were to spread. Tessara doesn’t believe it and means no harm to Faun, but can’t let it propagate.) She doesn’t give Faun the 5,000 gold but tells her she will give her an item from the vaults to help her in her new life outside of the Everwood.

Tessara asks Almaris what she thinks of this situation, to which Almaris responds with it shouldn't matter. All that matters is if they are good people now, no matter their heritage. Because their ancestors potentially were evil, doesn't mean that it affects their lives in any way; your life is what you choose it to be. Tessara nods and says it is a statement worthy of a future seneschal.

To be continued!
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Re: City Campaign

Post by AnimeSensei » Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:32 pm

The party decides to head to the tombs; as they approach, they find it dark and unsettling. It is a very different experience in comparison to the bright, lush forest in the rest of the Everwood. They find a tomb that appears to match the same composition of the stone statue; it appears to be the tomb of the first Elven Seneschal, Xykon of the Blood. (Yes, it’s an Order of the Stick Reference) The door is stuck.

Shepherd is able to magically peel the stone doorway off of the tomb gently, and the party finds stairs heading down. They notice that the door frame does show signs of recent movement, with some scrapes in the stone. There is another door at the bottom of the stairs. The party opens it without much trouble and is met by sets of glowing eyes as the door opens. Several animated corpses are upright in the room and attack the party. The PCs quickly defeat them and look around. The tomb is covered in bones. Hundreds, if not thousands of individuals’ bones. They appear to be from various eras; some are VERY old and some are newer (but nothing recent). It appears this tomb was made over time, bone by bone. All appear to be adults. The room they are in has several doors.
crypt 1.jpg
crypt 1.jpg (100.63 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
The party decides to investigate and enters the leftmost door and find an ancient throne that appears to have a dessicated corpse slumped in it. It appears to have been female, with long hair still attached to the skull, and is draped in flowing, expensive-looking clothes. As they approach the throne, the creature attacks them with its hair and robes, entangling members of the party. They manage to defeat the undead and it crumbles into dust. They notice the throne has ancient markings in some form of ancient Elven and think they can make out the name Xykon; they assume this is his throne. But why would he have a throne in his tomb?
crypt 2.jpg
crypt 2.jpg (120.22 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
The party tries another door and finds it blocked. The door appears to be wedged shut and the stone is magically reinforced. They decide to try to open it later.

As Margit approaches the last door, she gets a foreboding feeling and hesitates. She overcomes this and as she reaches for the handle, a ghastly hand grabs her hand through the door and proceeds to attack the party. It takes some work, as the only weapon that seemed to really harm the creature was magic, but they manage to defeat it.

The eventually find under Xykon’s throne some stairs leading down. They slide the throne off of the stairs and head down into a dark crypt. As they descend, the whole party this time feels a feeling of foreboding and as they get deeper and deeper, they can sense an evil presence lurking below them. They eventually end up in a room covered in bones; as they step out into the room they discover the floor must be filled deep with bones as they constantly shift and crunch when stepped on; the party has a hard time maintaining their footing. As they enter the room the suddenly see 4 pillars that are illuminated by glowing stones sitting in alcoves in the pillars. Again, the party feels a great evil, this time radiating from the stones. Margit searches for traps and notices there is something magical that will activate if they approach the pillars, so everyone stays close to the wall and heads towards a door on the far wall.
crypt lights 1.jpg
crypt lights 1.jpg (58.05 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
When they open the door, all they see is blackness. They attempt to shine an everburning torch inside, and see nothing. Dante casts light and it illuminates nothing. The party decides perhaps to try one of the glowing stones from the pillars and Faun uses Mage Hand to lift one from its alcove (making sure to never touch it) and throws it through the door. The stone illuminates a hallway of bones, these more carefully and respectfully placed. It appears only the stones can penetrate this darkness. They use the same method to grab another stone to illuminate the rest of the hallway. Margit continues looking for traps. As they continue inward the skeletons in the walls suddenly animate and begin to attack the party. One skeleton appears to have the ability to attack with magic so the party quickly destroys it and then focuses on the other skeletons. Dante summons a spider to help and they press on.
crypt lights 2.jpg
crypt lights 2.jpg (80.96 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
In the next room the party finds a glowing orb in the center of the room; there are 4 undead humanoids standing next to the orb and appear to be static; they don’t move at all. The party carefully approaches and one of the creatures reaches up and touches the orb. Dark bolts of lightning crash through the air and pierce each party member, and they can feel their life energy dimming through gasps of pain (necrotic damage). The party springs into action and tries to kill the creatures but they keep touching the orb (never attacking the PCs directly) and using the orb to continuously rain down black lightning on the party; each time they do so it appears the undead heal wounds that the party just inflicted. The orb is damaged in the battle and shows large cracks. Eventually the monsters are defeated; Faun recommends destroying the orb and everyone clears the room while she utilizes her flame sphere from a distance to smash into the orb and the whole crypt is rattled with a massive explosion. Bones fall from the walls and the ceilings; after a few seconds however it appears the area is again stable. They enter the room to find the orb shattered and damage reminiscent of a huge explosion. They open the next door and find a hallway lit by 4 torches and double doors at the end of the hallway.
crypt hallway.jpg
crypt hallway.jpg (92.14 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
crypt orb.jpg
crypt orb.jpg (73.22 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
Here they rest for a moment before entering the double doors. Inside the next room they find a strange altar/magic circle and a mysterious figure. He welcomes them and states his name is Xykon, and he is ruler of the Everwood. The party notices he appears to be a vampire; he doesn’t seem to attack them and instead wishes to talk. He inquires to whom they are and when Almaris states that her mother is Seneschal of the Everwood as a steward for Desna, he spits and curses Desna’s name. He states that his is the true ruler of the Everwood and says his granddaughter Ixabel (also a vampire) and her ilk trapped him in here. He states he waged war against acolytes of Desna years ago and conquered the land. He asks about the whereabouts of his wife who should be around the throne room up in the main level of the crypt; the party thinks back to the creature they defeated earlier but doesn’t make mention of her. He states that the crypt is made by way of years of effort of cultivating the people of the Everwood for use as vampiric feed and bones to build this edifice to himself. He tells them that Ixabel never followed his family’s ways and entered a blood fast; she said that the people they ruled over had value and caused an uprising that caused him to become trapped in this crypt. If it weren’t for a necrotic sphere the emanates energy, he would have starved long ago. (The party nervously doesn’t mention the sphere they exploded very recently.) He also makes mentions of the Everwood being much larger than it currently is and seems surprised that it is surrounded by desert. He asks for their help releasing him, to which the party declines. Faun and Almaris are taken back by all of this history and don’t quite believe it as it contradicts what they have been told (especially Faun, who grew up in the Everwood). He then states he should probably get rid of Almaris anyway as she is in the way to his true rule. He attacks the party and turns invisible. He starts dominating members one at a time; Faun is the first to be controlled and she starts causing flame walls and other magical attacks. Shepherd starts protecting Xykon after he falls subject to the gaze of the vampire. The invisibility finally wears off and the remaining members of the party attack him enough to make his retreat in a gaseous form to the room with the orb. When he notices the orb has been destroyed, the party hears him wail in fury. Dante summons some wolves in the orb room that surround Xykon, who begins to feed on them to regain some strength. The party takes this small reprieve help their dominated party members to snap out of the effect and figure a way out. They discover the magic circle is from the transportation domain and is activated by someone of good alignment. Faun figures out how to activate it and the party all escapes before Xykon returns.
crypt vampire 1.jpg
crypt vampire 1.jpg (84.71 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
crypt vampire 2.jpg
crypt vampire 2.jpg (90.66 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
crypt vampire 3.jpg
crypt vampire 3.jpg (147.81 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
They materialize in a room with a stone coffin and as they become aware of their surroundings they notice a night hag looking at them. The party (fully buffed from the vampire fight) launches a full-scale assault on her before she can do much as she ends up face down in her cauldron. The group searches the room for clues and discover another amulet on this hag which they smash. They find some magical weapons and armor; Almaris finds in the stone coffin a strange blue-sheened bow with her family’s crest on it. It feels icy to the touch.
crypt hag 1.jpg
crypt hag 1.jpg (104.85 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
crypt hag 2.jpg
crypt hag 2.jpg (127.26 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
crypt layout.jpg
crypt layout.jpg (123.09 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
crypt layout 2.jpg
crypt layout 2.jpg (115.43 KiB) Viewed 3219 times
The party returns to Tessara at the center of the Everwood; she states that elves are still being attacked in their sleep, however the attacks have slowed. She asks if they have been successful in stopping the threat to the Everwood, to which the party gives a recap of the hags and Xykon. Tesasra seems disgusted by this foul take on their history (and her heritage). She vehemently denies that her ancestors are vampiric, and that the Everwood was ever founded on anything but pure teachings of Desna. The party seems unsure of the true history.
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Re: City Campaign

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The party decides to identify the rings found earlier and find them to be a Ring of Truth, a Ring of Sustenance, a Ring of Climbing, and a second Ring of Sustenance. They follow Este’s directions to an abandoned farmhouse in the middle of the woods; they search inside and find family journals detailing a history of magic in their family and references to “dream thieves” that dwelled in the area that had been defeated by an an ancestor of Este’s by way of destroying an amulet worn around their necks. It also states that these “dream thieves” typically are found solo or in groups of three.

The follow Este’s directions to some hills behind the farm and locate a cave entrance. Inside they see signs of footprints from some very large creatures, they enter a tunnel and notice two treasure chests in the distance, but notice as well a huge giant in an adjacent chamber that has spotted them! They take some good hits but manage to defeat the giant. Make decides to go open the two chests, but as he lays his hands on one it bites him and his hand becomes stuck. The second one bites his leg and latches on. The party quickly tries to save him from the two mimics that are trying to consume him and he barely makes it out alive. They party heals him, utilizing a large portion of their healing for the day. The party goes into another chamber and finds what appears to be the giant’s pet, a giant cave bear. The party quickly dispatches the creature and presses on. They find an opening in the wall big enough for a medium-sized creature to enter through and proceed into what appears to be a living area for a creature; it includes bookshelves, an area for resting, a campfire, a cauldron… They spot a wrinkly old lady with dark skin. She heard them coming and hisses at them; she attacks. They party is disheartened when she turns largely incorporeal and becomes difficult to hit. Suddenly she turns invisible and the party can't’ find her. She appears next to Weir and tears into him with her claws, and the party watches in horror as she takes a huge bite out of his neck and he falls to the ground dead. The party decides to run. The creature doesn’t follow.
cave 1.jpg
cave 1.jpg (79.89 KiB) Viewed 3265 times
cave mimics.jpg
cave mimics.jpg (114.62 KiB) Viewed 3265 times
cave hag 1.jpg
cave hag 1.jpg (137.13 KiB) Viewed 3265 times
cave hag weir.jpg
cave hag weir.jpg (131.62 KiB) Viewed 3265 times
They head back to the palace to tell Tessara that they have failed. Faun tells her Seneschal of the encounter and of Weir’s demise. Tessara asks them if the population should evacuate and save who’s left; asking if the creature is just too powerful to fight. The party decides to regroup and try again. Tessara gathers what’s left of magical items from the realm from acolytes and presents the party with a Cloak of Resistance +2, a Necklace of Fireballs (Type IV), and a Bead of Force, along with her blessing.

The party rests in a pocket dimension that Faun has learned to create that can hold a small group of people. The Night Hag does not appear to be able to follow them in this realm while they rest. In the morning they awake and find more people have been killed and terrorized in their sleep. Maka suddenly has a small bird land on his shoulder who is carrying a note. He unfurls the note and the bird flies away. The note is from his betrothed, Vilna (back in Almus). She states his father has been acting strangely and thought he should know. He has been suddenly consumed with business at the docks district and is selling off family property to invest in the area but is getting nothing from it. She fears he has lost his mind and is selling off Maka’s inheritance for nothing in return. Maka decides to head back to Almus and take care of his family. Tessara says she will provide a guide for him but states he won’t be receiving his share of the reward if the Night Hag is defeated and the kingdom saved. He agrees and leaves.

As this time, Tessara states that reinforcements have arrived that she called for long ago. A bush against the wall suddenly strides over and appears to be not a bush at all, but a sentient creature. Tessara introduces him as Shepherd. He is a protector of places such as the Everwood, and has been a protector of the Wood in ages past. Shepherd comments the area is much different now than when he last visited, there is much more sand around the Everwood that wasn’t there before. Following behind him is what appears to be a humanoid bird (Tengu) wearing fancy clothes. He introduces himself as Anthem, and he has been traveling with Shepherd lately and is studying the world. He has been on many hair raising adventures. (At least, according to him. Shepherd seems to question some of these as tall tales.) Tessara feels that as Shepherd has been a champion of the Everwood in eons past, perhaps he can help the party do so again. She puts him in charge of their mission. (Shepherd is played by Weir’s player, and Anthem is played by Maka’s player.)
Shepherd.jpg (91.32 KiB) Viewed 3265 times
Anthem.jpg (75.03 KiB) Viewed 3265 times
The party heads back out to the cave, fully refreshed and restocked. They listen as they approach, worried about an ambush or trap. They hear shuffling inside and see a large form in the cave. The party recognizes it as the giant they killed yesterday. He’s moaning. They enter cautiously, ready for an attack. As they enter into the cave, the giant attacks. He still bears all of the wounds from the previous battle and appears to be magically reanimated. As he is attacking them he lets out moans of “Almaris…? Faun…? Leave…!” and the party deduces that Weir’s soul may have been used to reanimate the corpse. He does not appear to be able to control his actions and keeps telling them to leave until they finally damage the corpse enough that it falls to the ground. Faun reaches inside the corpse and finds a glowing gem, which feels to her to contain Weir’s soul.
cave fight weir.jpg
cave fight weir.jpg (130.09 KiB) Viewed 3265 times
The party moves back into the Night Hag’s quarters but can’t find her. They find flesh hanging to dry in a cage; it appears to be pieces of Weir. They try several tactics to see if she is hiding and somehow invisible, but try them in all of the wrong locations in the room and she suddenly appears and starts attacking. The party uses heavy amounts of magic and fireballs to eventually beat her down and eventually she falls to the ground, her necklace broken. She appears to be dead.
cave hag 2.jpg
cave hag 2.jpg (128.42 KiB) Viewed 3265 times
They find a note that has partially survived and Faun mends it. It contains a letter for the Night Hag from General Isgard Almaster in Thavel. The letter is addressed to Bthueleldra.

“Please accept this gift to assist you and your sisters. We hope these assist you in driving the elves out. Additionally, we wish to reaffirm our agreement; you have no reason to be alarmed or worried. We will allow you refuge and an ample supply of slaves both from our lands and from Almus to do as you wish with. Your assistance along with your sisters will not go unnoticed.”
cave hag note.jpg
cave hag note.jpg (104.26 KiB) Viewed 3265 times
They also find a statue of Desna and a strange metallic sphere with a blinking light. Faun recognizes the statue as something that appears to have come from the tombs of the early rulers of the Everwood; long ago they used to bury their dead instead of lighting funeral pyres. She doesn’t know anything about the sphere.
cave layout.jpg
cave layout.jpg (118.08 KiB) Viewed 3265 times
The party heads back to Tessara again, who confirms the original location of the statue. One of the acolytes tells a strange story about as a child he found some strange metal object with lights like that in the sands outside the Everwood, but he hasn’t gone back since. The PCs feel these might be clues as to where other Night Hags might be hiding. Chandra, captain of the Elven Guard, is told to bring the party to the tombs. She does so reluctantly but does as she is told; she is annoyed that she has to help Almaris in her quest. (They have a one-sided rivalry going on.)
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Re: City Campaign

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Incredible setups!

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