Bottomless Pit

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Re: Bottomless Pit

Post by jackattack » Wed Jul 05, 2017 5:03 pm

If you were to map the protruding points and recessed corners/niches of the pit's edges, you could use your favorite graphics program (including Word) to create a top-down perspective of the pit's walls descending into darkness.

Put one end of a line at each point you mapped, with the other end extending toward the center of the pit. If you can make the line taper from thicker/heavier at the top/outside to thinner/lighter at the bottom/inside, so much the better. The lines should "radiate" inward, to more or less the same distance from the edge.

Use those lines to create polygon shapes. Color (or texture) them to shade from grey at the top/outside to black at the bottom/inside. Fill the center of your pit solid black.

If you have the skill and the patience, you can make squiggled lines, make photos fit into the polygons, add details like hanging vines or waterfalls, and so on.

The top-down perspective is, IMO, the best approach even though it probably won't look right from a low viewing angle. Any other perspective restricts the angle from which the pit can be viewed. (You know that amazing sidewalk art that looks like very realistic 3D perspective of holes or stairs going down into the sidewalk? It can only be viewed from one side -- what looks like a square picture from the south looks like a really long rectangle from the east or west, and everything is upside-down gibberish from the north.)

I did do this once with a rectangular pit in a dungeon floor. Forced a Roman frieze I found online into four trapezoids to define the walls, and used a stone texture from Word for the floor. I thought it came out pretty good.

Hope this is helpful.
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Bottomless Pit

Post by dragonbones » Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:30 pm

So, I have the cavern set ... and to make the look of a bottomless pit, I just used some black felt... however, I was thinking there might actually be some cool bottomless pit mat that might go well to create a better illusion? Has anyone found or done anything like that? Thanks!
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