New Idea for Fantasy line

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New Idea for Fantasy line

Post by jackattack » Fri Nov 10, 2006 11:01 am

I'm mostly with L, here.

In my experience, magical traps are well-nigh invisible. And if you have physical representations of everything, then you replace character skills with player awareness -- why bother rolling your Detect Traps skill if the trap is right there on the table?

That said, I think some of these ideas might find a home in other sets. A Fantasy Doors set could definitely use a door with a Magic Mouth on it, or runes in flourescent colors. Fantasy Floors II might have a circle of protection on a 4"x4" base, or 2"x2" tiles with flourescent runes. A portal should be a definite contender for Wicked Additions III.

If you don't object, Green_knight, I might turn this idea into a "Rooms Set" post. A few pieces with runes on them could be used to create a themed room, or they could be scattered throughout a set-up as indicators of traps or other magical features.

A few of these ideas can be realized by printing runes (or other graphics) on trasparency sheets and cutting them out with scissors. In particular, runes and circles on floors can be done this way, and can be placed anywhere in a set-up. For an energy field, print a swirling band of colors, cut out a strip of the printed transparency, and tape or glue the ends together to create a circle 1-2" tall -- if you cut a long enough strip, you can adjust the size of the circle with each use.
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New Idea for Fantasy line

Post by Law » Fri Nov 10, 2006 10:38 am

I'm in the "slightly less enthusiastic" camp, just because magical traps are 70% in the imagination, and only 30% visible on the table. (I've made up those numbers, of course, but as everyone knows, 89.4% of all statistics are made up)

I like the idea of two or three things like this -- floating energy balls, dimensional portals -- that could LOOK really cool and stand out. But a bunch of runes on things.... well, a whole set like that would not thrill me.

I guess my response would be: one or two magical traps or furnishings in a set that largely includes other things would be really cool, but I'd only want a complete Magic Expansion Set if it featured stuff that looked cool in a display as opposed to just "markers" for gameplay, like runes etc. (case in point: my lava fountain gets a TON more use than the pentagram from the Fantasy Floor set -- the pentagram just doesn't look all that exciting to me, no matter how useful it might be for gameplay, and irreplaceable it might be if you actually need a pentagram somewhere....)

but that's just me...if I wanted to use my imagination, I wouldn't have a study full of Master Maze! ;)


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New Idea for Fantasy line

Post by jkratzer » Fri Nov 10, 2006 10:04 am


My order for this one goes in right after the Sci-Fi furnishings and the Cavern Entrance! No Kidding!

See ya!


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New Idea for Fantasy line

Post by David Wasilewski » Fri Nov 10, 2006 8:12 am

Great idea - I think most people would want one set for their collections.


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New Idea for Fantasy line

Post by Green_knight » Fri Nov 10, 2006 2:39 am

just had a striking idea for a missing set in the fantasy line:

Magical Traps set

could include :

4 2" Walls with magical rune trap
2 2" Passages with magical rune trap
2 2" Floors with magical rune trap
2 magical trapped doors
1 4" x 4" Floor with Circle of protection (for something to be put atop the floor piece)
1 2" x 2" Floor with floating energy ball
1 2" x 2" Floor with Dimensional portal or stand alone Dimensional Portal
1 2" x 2" magical Energyfield cast in clear resin, to be put on top a floor piece to
surrounf the miniatures within

What do you guys think ?

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