Sewer set thoughts

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Re:Sewer set thoughts

Post by biowizard » Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:05 am


I think we can already guess how this Set is designed with what has been revealed already here and with Stefan saying "it's 2'x 2" and smaller...".

2*2 straight canal
2*2 90 degrees corner canal
2*2 T-section canal
2*2 X-section canal

1*2 rounded straight wall
1*2 rounded straight wall with notch
1*2 rounded straight wall with opening
1*1 rounded wall corner (for outside bend)
1*1 rounded wall corner (for inside bend)

A few 1" wide floor tiles to put between curved walls and canals to provide safe transit or not for players walking alongside the sewers. This would make it VERY customizable!

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Re:Sewer set thoughts

Post by swcorwyn » Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:30 am

Stefan, I am already saving change in a jar to throw at this. Cannot wait to spend more money with you!

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Re:Sewer set thoughts

Post by Zaltar of Valoria » Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:56 am

I'm trying to hold back my enthusiasm here but i just can't....You guys will be blown away by the sewer set design...very, very modular....2014 for will be a fan and lord A. from France knocked it out of the park....yes, it's 2'x 2" and smaller...
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Re:Sewer set thoughts

Post by Arcarius2001 » Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:42 am

I would like to see it based on a 2" footprint, like what Crazy Herald made. ... 3&id=42074

That way it can be used in smaller rooms. Or maybe a combination of 2" and larger 4" pieces, with more of the former and just a few larger ones for a pool.

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Sewer set thoughts

Post by Law » Mon Jun 10, 2013 4:52 pm

Well, it would seem that sculpting on a sewer set has already commenced, so this decision may already have been made.. BUT I still wanted to throw in my two cents....

Toying around with the cavernous water pieces and the regular dungeon pieces this weekend, I realized how tricky it can be (once again) to combine elements with different footprints. If you want a room that has water running through it, you're commiting to a somewhat large room, since the footprint of the water pieces is already so big. If you want a small pool -- well, that's already at least 4x4 wall pieces, and that's IF you just bound the pool with wall pieces facing the other way. If you face the walls so that the dungeon floor is in the same space as the pool, you're adding a whole floor piece to each side, for a total of 6x6 -- and that's the SMALLEST possible pool you can do.

It's convenient to do a large layout with the larger cavern pieces, but their larger size mostly works because of the nature of caverns. Smaller cavern pieces would make it nearly impossible to sculpt accurate, natural-looking caverns, and the resultant build would look awkward. The water elements needed to match the cavern elements, which is already a good reason for them to have the same footprint, but it also helps give a less broken-up water area. With smaller pieces, you'd have more seams in the water and it would look less good. (plus, minor imperfections in casting and drying that result in small deviations in height on some pieces, which is sadly unavoidable, would cumulatively ruin the effect of a large body of water comprised of many small pieces)

But with the sewers, which would work with the dungeons, it would be neat to have a smaller footprint again. Yes, if you wanted to make a large pool in the sewer pieces you'd have that problem of breaking up the water a lot (although maybe there could be a few "pool" pieces that are larger?) But for small sections of sewer-river running through a dungeon, I would much rather see smaller pieces. That gives you much more flexibility about how you use them, and doesn't demand that each sewer section be in a correspondingly huge room.

However the set is executed, I'm sure it's going to be awesome -- and my guess would be that the real issue for Stefan is making sure that there are no problems with the factory and that none of the pieces have techinical issues like the ones that affected a few of the recent cavernous water sets. Obviously that's crucial. But once that gets sorted out, and the final product is shown, I'm guessing the sewer is gonna be up there with the catacombs as an all-time favorite.

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