Dwarven Forge DF fans wish lists for future sets

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Re:Dwarven Forge DF fans wish lists for future sets

Post by sbrndf11 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:05 pm

Abandoned mines followed by sewers are at the top of my list. That's rounded off with catacombs, which looks like its coming.

By general view of the underworld is caves and mines everywhere, sewer systems with dungeons scattered about under cities and fortresses.

David Wasilewski
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Re:Dwarven Forge DF fans wish lists for future sets

Post by David Wasilewski » Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:24 pm

1. I would love a Caverns interior type set with loads of different shaped free standing walls, more large stalactites, very large natural stone stairs, some alternative floor pieces, including a couple of free standing ponds, giant mushrooms. More crystal formations and plonk down rock pieces.

2. Narrow cavernous passages (1 wide instead of 2 wide) would be cool.

3. A second MBS set, think Haunted Mansion. Floors could be partially carpeted (runners)and the walls could be half wooden pannelled effect. I'm thinking Baldurs Gate evil mansion style.

4. Cityscape. Pavements, parks/garden pieces, courtyard.

5. The great outdoors: lanes, hedges, fields, hedges, woods etc.

Some of the above ideas are also great and long called for. Out of these, I'd like to see a sewers set the most, especially if it were compatible with the catacombs set.

Figures - not that bothered. There's always Reaper and Otherworld, but then again I paint them myself and I know not everyone's got the time to do that.


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Re:Dwarven Forge DF fans wish lists for future sets

Post by jgardner44 » Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:37 am


I agree, I love the tall doors in the WA 3 set. I much prefer the looks of doors that are taller than the surrounding wall sections. They look much better to me visually next to larger miniatures.

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Re:Dwarven Forge DF fans wish lists for future sets

Post by Arcarius2001 » Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:29 am

I echo the call for a cavernous river waterfall. Crioux made a custom one that looked great. I have wanted one ever since seeing it. I would like a doors set too. Something like the one in WA 3 or the old Fantasy Starter set.

Steven Carroll
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Re:Dwarven Forge DF fans wish lists for future sets

Post by Steven Carroll » Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:28 pm

That is a great list. I don't think I could really add to it at the moment. The Wall of Ice effect would be really "cool"! lol

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Dwarven Forge DF fans wish lists for future sets

Post by jgardner44 » Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:45 am

I thought I would start this thread so that all of us DF fans can post our wishlists of what we would like to see from DF in the future. Here's my long list of things I would be very excited to see from DF!

1. Ice cavern expansion set/passages

Ice cavern cave entrance piece (perfect for entering a yeti den)

Frozen waterfall elements

Long/tall icy stalactite elements two wall heights tall (similar to cavern river set stalactites but in translucent ice!)

Frozen Pillars

“wall of ice” magical effect pieces / perhaps hollow so they can
be place over a 28mm figure to “entrap it in ice”?

Taller icy stalagmite elements similar to the pre-order stagmite!

2. Hellscape lava cavern expansion “lava lakes” bubbling/spattering lava texture color matched to original hellscape set

Lava cavern/cave entrance piece
Volcano entrance that stacks on-top of hellscape walls with a spiral pathway down into the set and a spiral pathway up the outside of the volcano. It should have a jagged rim at the top with a ledge big enough for “sacrificial victims to be thrown into the volcano.

3. Hellscape lava cavern expansion “lava rivers”

Stackable walls with lava “falls” element to build lava coming from any height.

Modular lava “falls” widths. Middle and edge elements to lava “falls” walls so the width can be adjusted.

4. City Sewers Set with water flowing through grates and to different heights in the sewers (perfect for hunting skaven under the city!)

Curving sewer passage elements and long passage elements welcome!

City sewers entrance piece

5. Catacombs expansion set! (Because these pictures looks so cool for the first set.)

More stackable walls with skeletons!

Catacombs mausoleum entrance with spiral staircase leading down hidden under a stone coffin

Ghost/wight/phantoms for the catacombs from DF with beautiful translucent aspects. High quality like the ice cavern dragon!

6. Wicked additions/den of evil with green slime maze/green slime sewer elements

Who doesn't like green slime!

Perfect for hunting green gelatinous cubes in!

7. A graveyard set to go around our catacombs

Tall entrance gate with gargoyles on either side

beautiful fences/walls

lots of variety with gravestones (raven on gravestones

open grave ground tile

spooky trees (owl/black cat in tree)

8. Wicked additions/den of evil with scorpion/spider/snake temple elements

More of the beautiful doors taller than a standard wall height!

9. Wicked additions/den of evil/ROTA jungle temple

theme with lots of overgrown jungle vines, crumbling stone textures, mayan/incan stone themed cavings and large stone blocks

10. Cavern River/waterfall Expansion Set/cavern wicked additions set

(Waterfall elements Stackable walls with water falls element to build water falls of any height.

Modular water falls widths. Middle and edge elements to water falls walls so the width can be adjusted when placed side by side.

Cave entrance piece hidden behind a cavern waterfall element

11. Cavern Mines Set

Mine tracks/mine carts

Removable wooden supports elements that “arch” over a passage way (slightly taller than a standard wall section) to support the mined passageways.

Curved passages for the mine carts.

Stackable elements to have mine tracks overhead

Curving up and curving down shafts with mine cart tracks so you can decend/ascend with the build from one level to another

Mined walls with gold/minthril veins

Mined walls with gemstones embedded and pickaxes leaning against the walls

Cavern Mine entrance piece with warning / danger signs boarding over the entrance (Yes, I love entrance pieces such as the ROTA piece I missed out on!)

12. Eqyptian pyramid/passage way set

I need somewhere to put my ancient treasures limited edition pieces.


flickering torches on walls

13. Clockwork Rooms themed set (see Hellboy Golden Army fight for wow factor)

14. Crystal Cavern Expansion/Addition set

15. Mushroom Cavern Expansion/Addition set

16. DF miniature requests

Ghosts/phantoms set for the catacombs (translucent elements, high quality like the ice cavern dragon)

Zombies for the catacombs/graveyards. Dragging legs and grasping arms a must.

Mummies to stalk the catacombs/temples and to guard ancient treasures. Dragging a leg/trailing wrappings. Eyes glaring out at intruders.

More blowpipe lizard men ambushers (release new models/but similar to the limited edition pieces.) Perhaps this would make everyone happy since the collectors wouldn’t be seeing a mere re-release since these models would be unique. They could also add them to their sets for additional variety to the lizard men ambushers so they could have larger groups of them.

Ice cavern yeti with blue/translucent element effects and white fur/horns

Polar bears for the ice caverns/grizzly bears for standard caves

I would like to see a miniature set themed to each style of terrain from DF and an entrance piece to each terrain set!
Yes, I am officially addicted to DF now! Please be kind ;)

Do any of you like some of these ideas for future sets? What ideas/wish lists do you have!

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