Surprise/Lucky Find!

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Re: Surprise/Lucky Find!

Post by Mydienon » Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:49 pm

Let me know if you need any help unpacking some boxes... ;-)

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Re: Surprise/Lucky Find!

Post by Audles » Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:24 pm

Whoa! Awesome find! Good luck with those other boxes!

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Surprise/Lucky Find!

Post by Vegomatic » Fri Jan 15, 2016 11:12 am

I gotta share this with someone who might appreciate it! I can be long winded... :roll:

15-25 years ago I was avidly collecting miniatures (and DnD books/sets). Primarily miniatures produced by Grenadier. I had amassed a great many as I would buy collections of 50+ minis just to get one miniature to fill a set. So I have lots and lots of things I didn't want (at the time) nor even knew what some of it was.

My DnD collection has been in storage in the basement for almost 15 years. It consists of over 40 copy paper boxes of books, box sets, and miniatures... about half of the boxes are miniatures.

We need to free some space so I decided to pull a few boxes of "unsorted" miniatures so that I can start finding things to let go. And maybe find a few items (like paints, brushes and other tools) since we have made room for me to have a work space so I can start painting and modding DF pieces and minis.

One box was labelled "Paint." I opened it up and there were several Reaper "Learn to Paint" kits that had never been used and a couple of vhs and dvd painting videos. The paints were still "wet" but getting very thick. So I opened them and added a few drops of water to each hoping to save them... in a few days I will check them again and give them a good shaking.

Inside the "Paint" box were some out of print Thunderbolt Mountain Minis in their unopened original boxes and there was another box, about six inches to a side that only had a shipping label on it and it was still taped shut. I opened it... I had apparently purchased someone's bits box on eBay many years ago. Lots of broken/incomplete minis, sprues of arms/legs/weapons/heads, loose parts, bases and the like. Pretty cool stuff. As I get to the bottom there is a small baggie all rolled up. I open it and dump the contents on the table.

What do I see sitting on the table? :?: A couple of chests with lids, lots of scrolls, a couple each of books, axes, suits, jugs/vases, etc... :shock: every item from the Master Maze Treasure and Magic Items set (MM-016) except for the coin/treasure stacks/piles. So no coins, but TWO of each of the other items from that set (plus extra scrolls). The bag also held six chairs from the Medieval Furniture Set (MM-013).

Who knew?!? I was pretty excited as I have neither of those sets in my growing DF collection.

I am really looking forward to breaking open some of my other boxes... who knows what other "treasures" I might find! ;)

Anyone else have stories of lucky finds?

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