The Future of (DF) Sci-Fi

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Re: The Future of (DF) Sci-Fi

Post by HeroQuestFrance » Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:59 am

The original resin sets are great.
A good price for some passage & room stuffs that allows everybody to design the space station/ship as they wish.
Today there is a stock they are trying to sell and Jeff already let us know it was over.
Anyway the fact they have completely stopped after a huge discount on the website was a bad signal.It was clear that this line of products wasn't the lighthouse of dwarven forge.

So I'm not really sure if there is a consequent public demand because most of the people are concentrating their effort on one universe : heroic fantasy or sci fi not both.
A question of budget but also of tastes.

May be a pool should be a great solution to see if there is interest for a special sci fi KS.

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Re: The Future of (DF) Sci-Fi

Post by galahad » Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:27 pm

I have 5 rooms, 6 passages, 2 alphas and a 2 box full set of scenery (gamma)

I have never been able to find even 1 set of Beta that wasn't inside a lot of other sets and thereby out of my price range...

I am therefore hopeful that someday we might see something in the Sci-Fi line from a Dwarvinite Kickstarter. I would be interested in a nice 10 pack of sci-fi kits especially if some of the beta pieces or sectional DF pieces were offered in the sci-fi line.

I am happy with my 14 sets but would really like to add some variety.
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Re:The Future of (DF) Sci-Fi

Post by Teulisch » Mon Sep 22, 2014 4:27 pm

i just got the 3 scifi sets that i ordered, and i suspect that i got the last two of the starter sets, as they are no longer on the products page.

i can certainly see why some of you needed so many sets, the number of pieces is quite small (and why i got 2 of the starter sets). it makes me sad that so much of the scifi line is out of stock now.
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Re:The Future of (DF) Sci-Fi

Post by Shutterbug » Wed Sep 10, 2014 8:08 pm

I\'m heavily invested in the current sci-fi line with over 30 sets. I\'d really like to see more add-ons that are compatible with the current sci-fi line rather than feel compelled re-buy like I\'ve been doing with all the new KickStarter sets. There were so many unexplored options that I hate to think the Gamma set is the end of the line.

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Re:The Future of (DF) Sci-Fi

Post by jls304 » Mon Aug 11, 2014 3:02 pm

Right now I have 5 starter sets, 3 passage sets, 2 alpha sets and a gamma set and I love them. I sold 4 alpha sets and 2 beta sets to a forum member a few years ago and have been searching to replace them ever since. I was
able to recover the 2 alpha sets recently but no such luck on the beta set.

Most of the time when I serch for a beta set I just find messages from Heroquest France on various forums looking for one :)

I know it was a slow moving line but with the new DF customer base it might be worth revisiting. Marketing it to war gamers as well as RPG fans might not be a bad idea. I\'m not hopeful of this happening but I thought I would chime in with my 2 cents.

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Re:The Future of (DF) Sci-Fi

Post by HeroQuestFrance » Mon Aug 11, 2014 11:19 am

I was also first \"shocked\" by the \'70 style of those sets.
It\'s the reason why I put some time to decide to jump on it or not at all.

The first set I got was the gamma (the furniture) which was incredible.
I immediately bought all I could ... so today I own 8 room sets, 6 passage sets, 1 gamma set and 2 alpha sets.
I succeeded in finding a part of the beta set one fan here sold me throught ebay but it\'s an impossible mission since 2 years to get one entire.

I regret the day Jeff purposed me to sell me the rest of the stock with 40% off ...

This beta set is awesome because it offers different doors but also long walls (very appreciated !) and new stuff.
Out of stock for 2 years now, I definitively lost hope to buy one.
I search for it on ebay everyday, amazon etc but no one has contacted me to sell me one.
I even get some help from american fans who send me some alerts as soon as they see a sci-fi set on sale !!

I remember jeff or stefan replying to me there won\'t be a re-stock for this set so I\'m desperate now. May be they have changed their point of view but I don\'t think so.
Jeff is leaving now and if I remember well, he designed -corrige me if I\'m wrong- the sci fi line so there is no more hopes to see something new with his fantastic touch !

Talking about new sets will be something excellent, reviving -may be- the interest for the basic line. Those sets are very usefull for space games, sci fi and horror boardgames.
I use it now more often than before.

May be a compatible design, darker and scary than the previous releases should be great to create an underground facility, a machine room etc.

I\'m not into the dwarvenite fever stuff but I cross my fingers to get a new resin set including halls (like rota / den of evil line), ladders and or lift entrances, generator rooms etc etc
There is so much to do ...

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Re:The Future of (DF) Sci-Fi

Post by jimibones83 » Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:57 am

I would like some Sci-Fi sets, but it would have to be done right for me to be interested. The current set is just far to 1970\'s Star Treky for me. An updated style is much needed. And I\'d only be interested if it were dwarvinite.

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Re:The Future of (DF) Sci-Fi

Post by kitenerd » Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:43 am

Funny i am reading this and thinking.. \"a sci fi set with Jeffries tubes would end up looking like a habitrail...\" - then i continue to read and that is exactly what is being described!

If you did the columns, as 2\" tall tubes (to preserve our modularity) they could nest one in side the next to go as high as needed. If you accomplish stairs on the inside by slotting the tubes, then you simply put your clear support sheet in the slot 1/2\" down from the top and set your next floor tile on top... PRESTO - Sci FI elevations! Obviously for stability reasons most sections would need to have multiple tubes going up or some type of clear column (flight stands anyone?) as additional support/
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Re:The Future of (DF) Sci-Fi

Post by Mydienon » Mon Aug 11, 2014 8:14 am

I\'m definitely interested in an expansion to the Sci-Fi offerings. I think the tricky part is making the tiles feel like the inside of a (large) vehicle, instead of just an art mod for the dungeon tiles.

I\'d want to be able to make rounded edges on multiple sections -- not just a set of 45 degree or 90 degree angle tiles, but a few different angle choices to make larger or tighter curves. Walls that have thicker portions or external protrusions would also be great (weapons, cameras, and such), so I can model an entire ship. Cramped corridors are a definite need -- no 10\' corridors here -- but still having enough room for 25mm - 32mm figures (1.5 inch floorspace in corridors would probably be fine). Though I suppose alien races might have larger corridors...

Sci-Fi tiles would also be a challenge because ships can expand along the z-axis as much as the x and y. In a traditional dungeon, going up or down a level tends to be a dramatic change, but on a spaceship, a different deck might just be a single room. Having elevation blocks like the Caverns kickstarter might sort of work, but getting to areas that are directly above or below would be tough.

I\'d also want Sci-Fi tiles to be multi-purpose, to possibly use for modern submarines, futuristic underwater vehicles, Shadowrun- or Cyberpunk-esque buildings, asteroid or lunar colonies, Martian mining stations, space stations, and the containment for any alien species I might want to model (I love the idea of a living ship...).

Perhaps for the vertical 3D feel, DF could sell a tabletop accessory of a sturdy, clear dwarvenite frame--a set of eight columns about 36 inches high, with slots every 1\". Then offer sheets of clear dwarvenite of different sizes and shapes that fit into these slots. I could build a tower with different amounts of space between each level, and then put my Sci-Fi tiles on each level, making sure there is enough space to see, reach in, and manipulate any figures there.

I might build a small round UFO ship of only 3 levels, each level only a 6\" radius circle. Or I might build a massive 6 level ship using 24\" square sheets, with different builds on each level depending on which part of the ship is being modeled...

Anyway, I\'d definitely be looking for something different for a Sci-Fi expansion. If the offering is identical to the Dungeon tiles, but just a different \"wallpaper\" and dungeon terrain replaced with tech terrain, it wouldn\'t be quite as appealing. That doesn\'t mean I wouldn\'t buy into it; just that I\'d have less enthusiasm for a heavy investment.

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Re:The Future of (DF) Sci-Fi

Post by Null » Sun Aug 10, 2014 3:07 pm

I don\'t know how much this would appeal to current sci-fi set owners, but there must be sci-fi sub-genres which would complement both existing resin and dwarvenite lines.

I imagine something replete with grit, grime, and rust. A set that could play as a derelict spaceship lost for millennia, the depths of a steam-punk fortress, a rickety craft for space orks, the workings of a mad clock-maker, or the innards of a wizard\'s arcane machine. The sort of environment you\'re as likely to encounter in a Ghibli movie as you are in 40K. With a few knights, ogres, and demons, you could build a setting suited to the original Quake. Or perhaps some cowboys, mafia hit men, succubi, and spiders would be at home here for a Dark Tower sort of quest.

Lots of gears and pipes. Thick cables. Puddles of leaking coolant and oil. Nuts and bolts. Rivets. Maybe a few skulls for good measure.

You might have at least two accessory sets, one appealing toward sci-fi and the other toward fantasy, but a lot of ideas work either way. Some features for either might include :

Steampunk church organs!Event Horizon-esque warp gates!Grinding traps that double as more machine parts!Control panels with levers, valves, and chunky buttons!

I don\'t own any sci-fi sets, but I\'d still buy it.

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