The Future of (DF) Sci-Fi

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Re:The Future of (DF) Sci-Fi

Post by Teulisch » Sun Aug 10, 2014 11:15 am

to be done right, scifi would need a kickstarter. start with the basics of wall-corner-floor-door, and then add new styles of scultps. i think the three main themes that scifi needs are Industrial, Military, and civilian. these are somewhat self-explanatory. Industrial sets could be a freighter or mining station, perhaps in a drab industrial rust color. military has more armor plating and clean straight lines. civilian would have softer furnishings, perhaps even carpet and wood panels- something that could even work in an office suite.

add-ons could be sets of those extras that go with a set, in various styles. consoles, chairs, and such. maybe one for bridge, one for engineering, and so on.

a great extra would be free-standing walls with windows in them, put 3 together for your bridge and your good to go. otherwise they add to the flow of a ship design, or maybe allow those in the hallway to see inside an office or lab. we already know that we can get clear dwarvenite now, it would just need the frame painted.

alternate paint schemes would allow for a lot of variation even within a set. and you know collectors would love to have some more options in that area.

I don\'t think the scifi kickstarter would be as big as the previous two, but you could probably get a million in funding from it. it would also not be a good choice for the next kickstarter, as theres still a lot of other fantasy tiles that need to get made. but it would be a good idea for DF to do down the road sometime. heck, first-day funding would be a given.
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The Future of (DF) Sci-Fi

Post by jackattack » Sun Aug 10, 2014 9:54 am

Should DF\'s sci-fi line be (remain?) quietly retired, or should DF boldly go to infinity and beyond?

On the one hand, there is a larger customer base now, thanks to the kickstarters, so maybe a restock is in order. On the other hand, we haven\'t seen a lot of requests for these sets, either as a restock or a kickstarter.

Since this is sci-fi, we can keep going. On a third hand, even seemingly generic sci-fi can get pretty niche pretty fast. Maybe sci-fi is both too diverse and too specific to field a successful line. Maybe you can\'t make a sc-fi line generic enough to appeal to a large number of customers. Maybe sci-fi customers want multiple sets in multiple environments before they will start buying.

On yet another hand, a kickstarter would require a whole new set of sculpts, so a sci-fi kickstarter wouldn\'t necessarily be a simple redo of the current sets. Instead of the exposed industrial feel of the current lie, a Dwarvenite line might be smooth walls and sliding doors, or biotech warrens, or long consoles with banks of lugs and switches, or whatever.

So what does the future look like to you?

My suggestion for sci-fi would be to make a set of generic walls and corners, and make dressings that are designed to go in the partial squares against the walls (along with doors and some specialty pieces). One set of dressings might be exposed conduits, one might be shiny black consoles, one might be bioware, and so on. That would increase the versatility of the sci-fi sets while keeping material costs of te dressings down.

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