New set ideas and restock ?

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New set ideas and restock ?

Post by HeroQuestFrance » Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:24 am

Hello Jeff Hello Stefan.

When I finally have the budget to buy you sci fi sets, the entire line isn't available. (alpha & beta)
Since I'm a collector, I want at least one set of each (and several passage & starter sets) so once again : is there a way one day to see a restock of the alpha & beta sets (the most useful set in fact !) ?
I only bought you the last expansion set for sci fi boardgames I often play which is very useful.

About a new set idea, I found strange that you launched this line as "perfect". I mean it's ok to play star wars d&d but I think it should be something amazing to have a kind of "ruin sci fi set" to suit to boardgames like space hulk, doom, zombicide, gear of wars, panic station.

I really imagine locked broken doors, some floor tiles damaged by an explosion, a ladder to access to another level, a hall like the rota/doe, a large door (for spaceship & docks), some single doors (one inch), some pieces with huge pilelines running the wall, a medical bay expansion (white or grey colours), a undergound level with darkest colours & possible slim on the walls.

I've read Jeff designed most of those sets, I really hope you will expand and restock the sci fi line.

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