Where to start when purchasing Sci-Fi ?

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Ghenghis Ska
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Where to start when purchasing Sci-Fi ?

Post by Ghenghis Ska » Mon Nov 16, 2009 1:01 pm

Suck it up man...

Kidding asaide, if you have not checked out Tony Griffin do so, as he has made a number of items that can make the extra passage bits that you might get fell less cumbersome.

Those being 3/4 floor bits that turn those long passages from beta into much more usefull items for putting inside a set up, or the possability of using the long passages as double walls, (or maybe with the freestanding walls he put out, as really thick bulkhead walls, or interrior rooms etc.

I am not the biggest fan of the passagaes but haveing seen what passages can accomplish with the "advanced builder" style of bits that are around for fantasy, they can have some great uses, and slowly Tony has been adding to the line where DF (and I can see the justification so I'm not too annoyed with them for doing so) hasn't.

As it sits now Tony has put out the "filler/advanced bits" for the L passage, the +, the inside of the curved passage (which can male for some fun shapes with the beta as outer walls) and now the straight so most ever passage can now fit inside a set up (the only one that can't is the outer edge of the curve...)

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Where to start when purchasing Sci-Fi ?

Post by jls304 » Sat Nov 14, 2009 2:41 pm

I've been eyeing the sci-fi sets for awhile now but I am troubled about which sets to start with.
It seems really hard to be able to make a large room without the 6 inch wall singles. The Alpha set
seems fine for floor pieces but i would have to get 2 beta sets to get a decent amount of walls.
If i buy more than a few betas then i think i will be stuck with way too many passages.

The starter set only has 3 basic wall pieces so i would have to buy a ridiculous amount of
the starter sets to make what i want.

I'm thinking of 3 starter sets, 1 passage sets, 2 alpha, 2 beta and 1 gamma but i think I will
still want more floor and wall pieces. Any opinions other than suck it up and buy more ?

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