Why All the Secrecy Around KS5?

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Why All the Secrecy Around KS5?

Post by Kryzsko » Tue Dec 20, 2016 8:20 pm

Here we are about 3 months away from KS 5 and we have no clue what it will focus on. This was not the case with any of the other KickStarters. I have heard that Dwarven Forge is trying to get more of the sculpting done ahead of time this time, but we know less than ever. I have heard rumors and speculation but nothing official.

If they are doing more up front sculpting I think it would be all the more important to run ideas by the Dwarven Forge community. Remember when Stefan showed the very ornate city street corners, and it turned out most people just wanted plain old corners? It can be very risky to do all this sculpting a head of time with no outside feedback.

I am not saying DF should show us everything, but come on, some indication of the focus and a few pics of what they have been working on would be nice.

Shoot, I have seen very little posting from either Nate or Stefan in the forums of late.

Come on and throw us a bone or two, so we can get some conversation and excitement going. It's the holidays, so think of it as a gift to DF fans. :mrgreen:

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