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Magic School Advice

Post by AnimeSensei » Tue Jun 04, 2019 5:04 pm

My players are going to be headed to a "magic university" type of place very soon and I'm working on a large layout that will HOPEFULLY house a bunch of mini adventures/quests they need to complete. They are all 5th level, and some aren't magic users. I'm thinking what I'll do is for the time spent at the university, they will be able to take one level in a magical class of their choice (that way our party goblin with a low INT isn't stuck having a level of wizard). Might give them familiars at the end of the story line... there are some fun possibilities. I need some advice though.

1) Should I confiscate their weapons and other magical items while they are on campus? I'm thinking I want to, in order to make them think a little harder on how to manage a situation, but I realize how this can be frustrating from a player perspective.

2) I need quests! Not big long ones, but ones they could do in a single "day." I'm going to have a master over each school of magic, and some other areas as well. Here's what I need:
a) Abjuration (Held in a garrison)
b) Necromancy (Held in a graveyard? Underground crypts? I could do either.)
c) Divination (Held in a wizard's tower with a telescope up top)
d) Conjuration (Held in a menagerie of cages filled with magical creatures)
e) Enchantment (Held in the library?)
f) Evocation (Held in a large room with very few things that can be burned, blown around, etc.)
g) Transmutation (Held in an old farmhouse)
h) Illusion (Held in what appears to be a tower in a pool of water)
i) Potions (Held in an apothecary/laboratory)
j) Divine Magic (lumped into one class credit, because it's a wizard school and divine magic is for wimps)
k) Forest (Druidic magic)

I'm also going to hopefully have a dean's office, kitchen, dining hall, dormitory, and sewers under a bunch of the thing.

I'm already thinking of having the menagerie creatures escape as one of the quests and they have to hunt them down.

I'm also thinking of having a frat boy named Brad being an antagonizer, because why not?

I have a large enough table that most of this can actually fit on it and it can be a persistent build throughout a few play sessions. (Minus the forest)

Do I have anything in the wrong "location"? Should I swap any classrooms?

Early workings:

Yo_j2FRGQWe0o6Ji1J2ItQ.jpg (77.97 KiB) Viewed 289 times
v36Hn_AJTlCMxBEEfQ7WNQ.jpg (95.94 KiB) Viewed 289 times

Thanks in advance!
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