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Heritage Dungeon Dwellers

Post by kitenerd » Sat Mar 24, 2018 11:42 am

This is an amazing time to be a gamer - I don’t know how many of you know what is going on over at Reaper so I thought I would share.

Reaper is revamping the old Heritage Dungeon Dweller line. Every month, they are giving away one metal mini free with each $40 order. These are not limited edition like the 25th anniversary stuff, they will all be for sale later, but they are giving one away free each month as an incentive.

Honoring a classic line of old school minis is cool. Free stuff is great.

Then they sweetened the pot by offering free PDF paining guides for the free minis. That is just clever and awesome.

Now they have a free adventure built around one of the minis

This is very savvy marketing and a whole lot of fun for us as customers


Thought I would share. This is a great example of an industry leader staying in tune with customers and rewarding loyalty. Good stuff!

I love this cross product stuff. Paizo started it, trying to release maps with modules and minis, but they never got the timing just right. DF is doing it with modules to match terrain and minis to populate them. Lost Dungeons of Xon had the great idea to tie multiple companies products together (Reaper even had a SKU for all the minis in one bundle). Now Reaper is getting in the act. This is fun and magical.

It is sometimes stunning to look at the gaming world and think back 40 years. Never in my wildest dreams would i have suspected that there would be this many toys (and i would still want them all) when i was 50+!!!!
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