Anyone wants to split 2 hamlet sets?

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Anyone wants to split 2 hamlet sets?

Post by Gadi_d » Fri May 03, 2019 6:59 am

I want to make the financial mistake of getting a new type of DF terrain- the city builder.
After working with a strict budget, I realised that for my gaming purposes, I want 2 hamlet sets- but only the tudor parts... (including the mathcing wooden floors)

Since the set is basically made of 2 parallel sets, if Dwarven Forge's costumer service will allow a split-
would anyone want to buy the 2 sets of stone hamlet sets? (directly from the store, not from me)

By the way, the stone part of the hamlet set includes 2 extra walls - the arrowslit walls, so you'll be getting a higher value for your money :)

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