A Tribute to 2 Forge AllStars... (RAFO)

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Re: A Tribute to 2 Forge AllStars... (RAFO)

Post by IIDCCMII » Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:36 pm

Loss of a Legend...

Last year we lost my best friend... Mike Hurley...

Known on many forums including Dwarven Forge and others as the Invincible Overlord...

We did the DF set up at the 2007 GEN CON.. btw they paid for all expenses for our trip.. such an honor..

We built a table top collection that was World Famous for sheer size and completeness...

100’s of builds... many hundreds of pictures... I have found all the pictures and plan to go through them to organize them and share... I owe him that... he loved you guys... reposting on the Facebook DF site for all to enjoy...

I really miss you bro...

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Re: A Tribute to 2 Forge AllStars... (RAFO)

Post by AnimeSensei » Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:53 pm

Yeah, we heard about it last year and it was a low point for a lot of people here. :( He was one of the original people to draw people into the 3D element through his setups. We all miss you, Mike!

If possible, I know we all at the forums (and I'm sure DF themselves) would love access to the pictures. Would it be possible to put them on Google Drive or something? The DF Facebook group isn't an official DF group.
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