Anyone familiar with GameCase storage containers?

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Anyone familiar with GameCase storage containers?

Post by GrumpyOne » Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:14 pm

So I pulled an old storage container out to see what CBS sets I could fit in it and it turned out great. Now I'm trying to locate more however I think the company is defunct and I honestly can't remember where or when I acquired the case.

I'll have to get a picture of the case however in the meantime, it's a black plastic storage container approximately 20" tall, non-rolling with a handle on top. There is a latched flip-top compartment on the top and five removable opaque tray containers accessible from the front. Each of those is divided into four compartments (but include dividers to make them customizable). The only nomenclature on the case is a GameCase (TM) logo on the front upper right.

If someone knows of these I would appreciate any info on them. In this one case I was able to get the following CBS sets stored, sorted neatly and easily accessible for use (and still have 3/4 of one tray left for more):

- Arch Walls
- (x2) Cottage Set, Stone
- Corner Posts Add-On Pack
- Double Posts Add-On Pack
- Door Set Add-On Pack
- Gables Add-On Pack
- Hamlet Set
- LED Lighted Braziers Add-On Pack
- LED Lighted Walls Add-On Pack
- Slate Roof Add-On Pack
- Stone Wall & Post Add-On Pack
- Terracotta Roof Add-On Pack
- Tudor Wall & Post Add-On Pack
- Village Set
- Window Dressings

The only downside is that the case doesn't have wheels however for me that's not a big issue. The weight isn't too bad and the carrying handle is fairly heavy duty.
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