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Re:What's up?

Post by Thod » Tue Dec 09, 2014 6:53 am

I'm suprised about the US price as it is below what I assumed it to be. This would make the ice cavern cheaper as the unpainted cavern set. A single unpainted cavern set was $75 during the Kickstarter.
With this price it makes sense to buy ice caverns and paint them black which would be crazy.
I set the Ice cavern to equal the unpainted cavern and that assumed at least a price of $75 (which was the price at the KS for a single set).

So I assume $75 (or more) which including 20% VAT would make it $90 or more compared to the $101 you calculated below.

I will watch what is developing here.

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What's up?

Post by ^RIGOR^ » Tue Dec 09, 2014 6:08 am

This morning in the european shop we had the surprise: all the KS2 stuff there...but soon after my jaw hit the ground! So...what's going on with prices? Leaving the fact that the basic Caverns set is at the same price of the resin Room set (heavier and more expensive), just because we've been told it's a special mixed set...but the Ice Caverns? We know the US price is 65$ (that is today around 53 euros, less than 42£)...ok we want to add the VAT (19-20%)? 65$+20%=78$ (63 euros, around 50£). We have it for 65£ (around 82 euros, 101$ !!!!!!!!!! +56% !!!!!!!!). Isn't it a little too big difference?? Now I don't want to start a flame, but can we at least have some explanations?

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