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Re:Order missed

Post by Thod » Tue Apr 22, 2014 2:20 pm


Thanks for letting me know.

I\'m aware of the door pack being a set that some people really like in Europe - but I only learned about it too late.

I understand that I might lose an occasional sale that way - but automation only goes that far. The alternative to make these options manual can cost a surprising amount of time/effort.

So if someone buys on e-Bay then this should be followed up - but it is okay if this is an occasional item.

Also most doors are in the dressing pack as well which is I think a better value (if you want the other items as well).


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Order missed

Post by HeroQuestFrance » Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:03 am

One of my friends was searching for a door pack to complete his hist arts moulds stuff.
I told him about DF game tiles pack.

So he went on www.dwarvenforge.com and selected the painted door pack.
However he was redirected with this message \"If you live within the European Union, we have a local distributor. You may order from www.DwarvenForge.eu\" on Dwarven Forge Europe (Thod)
But he saw this pack wasn\'t available on Thod\'s website and the conclusion :
he bought some doors on eBay instead.

So just a warning to let you know about this because may be other customers are not able to buy some stuff from you in both websites due to this default option.

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