Heroclix and D&D Mini Skirmish Maps?

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Heroclix and D&D Mini Skirmish Maps?

Post by zenmaster » Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:00 am

Hello all,

Saw the thread on the HeroQuest maps (I don\'t own that game), and it led me to start a thread about maps for the games I immediately thought of when pledging for these tiles-- Heroclix and the D&D Minis skirmish game (as well as the related Dungeon Command.)

I have seen 1 forum post here by someone who modded Dungeon Game tiles to look like modern day brick walls and sidewalks for Heroclix purposes. I\'m not looking to do that as I can\'t afford that many game tiles to use exclusively for Heroclix.

What I\'m curious about is if anyone else uses their DF stuff to play Heroclix. Some of the best Heroclix maps are the European castle and a lava map. I plan to mess around in the DF Mapmaker to see how many sets I would need to make a standard sized Heroclix map, but wanted to see if anyone else had done this already so I don\'t need to reinvent the wheel.

I think it would be especially good to do a castle or other build with elevation, as the heroclix maps with elevation always make for tricky play because of the 2D map surface. There are plenty of comic book settings that would work with these dwarvenite tiles (castles, prisons, caverns, hellscapes) so I\'m looking forward to trying it out when I get the tiles.

As for D&D Minis, there were some maps made for the old skirmish game, and there are maps for Dungeon Command, the latest D&D Minis game that has a strong cardplay element. Just curious if anyone had done up any of those maps in Mapmaker yet, so I\'m not wasting effort.


My plan is to try and replicate existing dungeon and cavern theme-friendly Heroclix maps in the DF Mapmaker over the next few weeks. I\'ll try my hand at the Dungeon Command maps as well. I\'ll post them in this thread after creation. Anyone else who\'d like to contribute would be very welcome.
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