Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by biowizard » Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:14 am

In my opinion, there should be a direct link to "Map Maker" directly from the Dwarven Forge website home page. I think that right now, unless you have bookmarked it, you have to dig through the forum to find the link or remember that the address is the following:

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by Fizzikx » Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:07 pm

Ok so I'll fully admit I havnt read this entire forum thread yet but... I was able to *FINALLY* check out the map maker program and I'm fairly impressed.

I can say that I wish it would also add in all of the other Resin sets DF makes as I slowly add a few of them to my collection.

Thanks much and as always keep up the awesome work =)

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by Wystan » Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:30 pm

I like the print option Idea... :)

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by MBCE » Sun Jun 23, 2013 10:56 am

My wish list for the map maker is pretty small.

1)Include all the pieces generated through the Kickstarter. This should be the first thing added at least.

2)Allow saving of the maps onto our own computer. Sometimes, I would like access to the maps that I create without having to be online to view it.

If these two features were added, I would be happy. Anything else would just be gravy.

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by igelkott » Tue May 14, 2013 4:29 pm

I actually don't care about a personal inventory feature. I can basically keep track of what I have and I'm not going to have room on my table for a whole dungeon most of the time anyway, nor will I have enough pieces for a whole dungeon either, so an inventory is pretty useless to me. What I would like is the following in order:

1) upgraded for all the kickstarter pieces. This is way ahead of the other items. If you could release these as they are ready rather than waiting for the full release in september it would be awesome, like you did during the kickstarter....

2) Load and save capability. It would be better if they were saved to my hard drive but I'll deal with it it you want them only on your server.

3) Labeling capability, text and symbol markers

4) printer friendly mode

5) multi-tile cut and paste, drag and drop, cut and paste across dungeons.

6) hideable sections in the printout

7) non kickstarter pieces.

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by shoesan1 » Fri May 10, 2013 10:30 am

Good ideas, Jorkohn. However, I disagree with not putting much focus on Master Maze products in MapMaker simply because MapMaker came about from the Kick Starter. The Kick Starter was successful enough to bring in the money needed by Dwarven Forge to do several things outside of Game tiles. Things like restocking Master Maze... and making a software product that works with their products. Added MapMaker features like putting text on pieces, or having the ability to "insert your own pieces" do not have any more relevance to the Kick Starter than having Master Maze represented. Not that they are not good ideas... I am just struggling with your logic for the low prioritization of adding Master Maze to MapMaker.

Don't get me wrong, I like your ideas. Hopefully they will be able to include all kinds of features. The scaling, printing, text-adding, etc, is all wonderful. But I can work around that stuff if I need to. Screen capture, Snip, and Paint can all accomplish those things if I need them. If they were part of MapMaker, it sure would be much better. But I have an alternative if they are not there.

Adding Master Maze products to my maps is not something I have an alternate way to accomplish. For those of us that have a lot of resin, having those pieces represented in the software is huge.

If I could only pick 1 feature from all the features I have seen in this thread so far, I would pick having Master Maze included in MapMaker. Even if it meant that MapMaker functionality would only be what it is today (because its actually pretty darn cool right now!). And the second feature I would pick would be the ability to have your own "pieces owned" inventory reflected in your map build. Not only do I think that these two are the most useful, but I believe they will add to the "desire" for more pieces, which in the end, can help Dwarven Forge sell more products.

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by Jorkohn » Thu May 09, 2013 7:13 pm

I have always loved mapmakers, I have worked with dozens of the free mapmakers and generators, and I love them even more when they are of something that I own and can build with.

Let us start with what I feel is the most important and work our way down:

1) All of the pieces from the Kickstarter (not necessarily the pieces that are already manufactured by Dwarven Forge), this is because the MapMaker is a result of the Kickstarter, so Kickstarter pieces should be its primary focus.

2) A "Your Collection Manager" thing. This would have a list of all of everything to do with the Kickstarter. These would be: Base Sets, Stretch Pieces (because not everyone bought 2 or more Base Sets and some just bough a single extra Base Set), Diagnonal Wall Packs, Curved Corner Packs, Floor Packs, Dungeon Dressing Packs, Chamber of Sorrows Packs, Grand Stair Packs, and Castle Wall Packs. Each of these would have a number box on the left side of them to enter how many of each set you own. On the right of the set's name would be a little arrow thing that when clicked reveals how many of what are in each set; the "how many" portion here would be more number boxes so you can change the values in case something happens to one of your tiles. Also there would be a box for how many are painted or unpainted. Also as a part of this when you put down more pieces than you own the "how many I've used / how many I own" numbers will turn red showing that you have exceeded your collection; it will continue to count how many pieces are on your map so you know how many more you would need to get in order to build you perfect dungeon.

3) The ability to select multiple tiles. This could be either the "click and drag" method or the "shift/ctrl click click click" to select all of the pieces individually. Personally I prefer the second because it allows you to remove groups of individual pieces instead of only large chunks.

4) Priorities for stacking pieces. Anything with a floor has the lowest priority and will be placed at the bottom of any stack. Second lowest priority would be doors, tables, chairs, stairs, free standing walls, columns, pedestals, beds, and the Pool of Sorrows. The next highest priority would be treasure chests, barrels, piles of skulls, and piles of treasure. The highest priority item is explained in the next point.

5) Placement Markers. Simple 1-square stars with 10 different colors to select from (not black, white, or brown). One color would be used for where the players are, other colors could be used to mark where you would want to place specific monsters, and you could just use one of the colors to outline your building area. With each square representing an inch you can just measure out your area and count, this is also better if your gaming area is not a perfect rectangle but say a circle or a 'T' shape with two tables.

6) The ability to insert text. This can range from a text box that is 20 characters or less to the ability to attach a whole paragraph to a specific square, tile, or a Placement Marker from the previous point.

7) Printing Options
A) Scale printing options are useful. When you go to print or save you have the option of what scale you want it saved as. Examples - 1:1 would be actual size, 1:2 would be each square is 1/2 an inch, and the option for printing the whole map on one page.
I am hesitant with this one because with it people can then just make a map one the MapMaker, print it, and not need to buy the tiles. So this half of the point is iffy at best, but the ability to print the entire map on one page would be nice.
B) As with DustyC's idea: The ability to change how much detail the printed map will have. This could be as 'simple' as two option: Option 1 - full detail, as it is seen when you make the map in the MapMaker; Option 2 - minimal detail, walls are black lines, floors are just a blank white grid, and doors are grey or tan so there is a color difference if printed in grey-scale.

8) A method to create multiple levels and/or same piece stacking. This could be done by using the "page up" and "page down" keys to shift your view up or down the thickness of a single floor tile. This can also be used to deal with point 4) Placement Priority. All pieces that are 1 step lower than the floor you are looking at will have its color faded just a little bit, sections that are two or more steps lower than the floor you are observing will be faded a little bit more (you would want to just signify that it is farther away but not lose any details). For floors that are above the one you are observing they will simply not be visible. The extra tricky part is the pieces that are taller than one floor tile, to deal with this the accessory or wall would remain in full color until you go up enough floors to reach the top of it.
The issue that could arise with this feature is printing. How would the elevations be shown on a printed document. The outline of the entire elevated are could be darker than previous floors, or print an additional page when the height reaches two inches (the tops of the walls on ground-level).

9) The ability to insert your own pieces. By this I do not mean to take a picture of your custom piece, upload into a program, and then import it into the DF MapMaker. I am referring to something much simpler instead. YOu click a "Make Custom Piece" button in the "My Collection Manager", it will open a window with three boxes labeled length, width, and height (x, y, z); you will then enter the size of your custom piece in either inches or millimeters select a color to represent it (using the same colors as the markers with brown, black, and grey included) or it is wrapped in the DF tile texture. When you place the piece it on your map it will simple be a rectangular block. This block is to be a form of placeholder in your map and not a perfect representation of you custom piece. This can also be used if you have an uneven surface to build your dungeon on, say that box lid to your left over there that you use as the foundation for your second floor; or use this to build a tile that represents you gaming table so you always have its size saved.

10) The ability to view you map/dungeon in 3D. This will allow you to see if your dungeon will look the way you want it to.

11) Add in the non-Kickstarter sets. This is last on my list because this is the Kickstarter's MapMaker. Also some of the older pieces are very complex. It would be much more efficient to work all of the kinks out using the Kickstarter sets before adding the extremely complex and detailed DF sets.
This point is not necessarily last on the list, just the last thing that should be focused on. If the makers of the MapMaker stop at point 8, then they should work on adding the old tiles to the MapMaker

12) Make an app for that. However, one could save his or her map as a PDF and view it on his or her phone

Several of these ideas listed above are the restating of what previous posters have posted and features that are in the virtual Heroscape mapmaker that I use for my Heroscape collection.
The order is of my own choosing and you are always permitted to disagree with it.

Now I am getting excited for September, when the MapMaker update is scheduled.

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by dndgamer » Wed May 08, 2013 8:21 am

Much further down the development road I would like the Map Maker Program to make available high res pics of most, if not all, the Game Tile pieces like these pics shown on the links from the other DF post: High Res DF Pieces.

Your thoughts???
--Semper Fidelis

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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by kitenerd » Wed May 08, 2013 3:38 am

WOW - lots of cool ideas here, but i think the scope is going WAY beyond what the tool is intended to do

After spending a few hours playing with the tool, here are the things i really want to see:

1) Full support of all the pieces in the kickstarter (as a start, add older stuff as possible)

2) The ability for Map maker to know exactly what i own so i don't design past my inventory. (Or an option to add beyond your inventory with some type of pop up reminding you that "To build this you will need to buy additional Walls w/ Windows"... - Hell generate a picklist direct to the store front and get those tiles in the mail to me... uhm. yeah... project creep again) This should be a simple matter of a user profile.

3) The ability to drag a box over multiple tiles and move (or delete) them as a group. This also accomplishes the player map fairly simply... save finished map, delete hidden areas, print.

4) When pieces are deleted or dragged off the table top, inventory needs to reflect that that piece was returned.

5) I too kept "losing" pieces that were hidden below others. There are a couple of issues here:
a) Pieces need a layer priority - so doors ALWAYS stay on top of floor tiles - same for stairs, chests, beds, etc.
b) When two pieces with the same layer priority are superimposed, there needs to be a shading, or an alert, or even just delete the bottom one and return it to inventory.

6) I don't need high tech linking or anything, but the ability to add numbers or names to rooms would be great. A simple white box (or transparent) with black text is all that would be needed.

7) Optional background grid (toggle on/off. This would be really useful for multiple separate structures in an outdoor setting. Helps to know the distance between buildings.

I think most of these things should be very easy to build into the tool and would make it vastly more user friendly. Hell, it is already a lot of fun to play with ;)
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Re:Feature Requests for Map Maker upgrade

Post by LordDust » Fri May 03, 2013 2:56 pm

So far I really like the following:
Real world dimension boundary option.User inventory that can be used to filter pieces and to generate a "pieces I need" list.Printer friendly toggle for maps.Ability to save a map server side and/or client side.Improved options for mainpulating pieces singly and in groups.Support for all the Forge lines.

I think that the fourth item is important so if my players are on DF I can make a map that is only on my system until we run it in case I have a player that is sometimes a bit cheeky with OOC knowledge, then share it up to the server after. It also lets you work on something and then share it up once it is ready. Server side is important so someone's cool collection of maps is available to other users whether they are on or not.

The printer friendly idea is cool, it makes it easier on the ink and easier to read for designing encounters and rooms with notes. I think this works better than adding a mess of in editor tools for placing things in and on the map. You can also cut it up if you want the players to find partial maps of a dungeon.

As I mentioned earlier, the user inventory item could be super useful. Easy tracking to design maps within your part budget. Easy shopping lists for pieces you are missing for building someone else's uber dungeon you want to use or for figuring out the extra pieces you need to finish one of your own designs.

Keep the ideas flowing guys, even if an idea isn't popular it will help the Forge Folk decide how to move forward with their design!

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