Encounter ideas for outdoor themed KS6

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Encounter ideas for outdoor themed KS6

Post by kodiakbear » Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:29 am

Stefan has hinted recently that KS6 will likely have one of it's major themes be outdoor.

A few moons ago in another topic I posted thoughts and ideas on encounters.

So now that we have more experience with the KS5 format of encounters.

I wonder how this style of KS could be used in a major outdoor themed KS6.

We know caverns need some additions but how to mix caverns in with truly outdoor items.


Encounter 1 was a small set of new basic cavern pieces with a awesome big cavern entrance. Perhaps with stretch goals for bone piles, treasure/trash pile, a monster nest, nest eggs and perhaps even a monster mini.

Encounter 2 was a larger set of cavern pieces with the new basic cavern pieces plus a set of advanced builder cavern pieces creating a mini cavern labyrinth. Perhaps with stretch goals for ghost that haunts the labyrinth and his magical magnetic wall and floor traps.

Encounter 3 was a small set of cavern pieces with a set of crystal cavern floor and wall pieces some LED and a second smaller cavern entrance/exit. Perhaps with stretch goals for the crystal elemental that attacks and travels through the crystals and the puzzle that must be solved.

Encounter 4 takes us out of the cavern into a small glade surrounded by mid sized trees and backed by mountain pieces (existing pieces if cost must be kept down but a few new ones would be better) a small pool in the glade (ground tile has indention that water sits in water can be removed and replace with water weird even better if it also can work in the burrow holes. Perhaps with stretch goal of small treasure item that can go under water and tree accessories to turn trees in to evil Ents.

Encounter 5 takes us out of the glade on new terrain of a narrow mountain trails to a mountain ledge where an attack from above starts an avalanche bringing the party down off the mountain. Perhaps stretch goals of the winged beasts nests, nest eggs, bone piles and even a monster mini.

Encounter 6 takes us into a forest of both mid sized trees and large trees. The two large trees have a small simple house connected in amongst their branches including 2x4 Tudor pieces. Perhaps stretch goals could add rope ladders and walk ways and simple furnishings and even a mini of the houses owner.

So if KS6 is a more outdoor KS with some cavern love what Encounters would you make for KS6?

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