Which do you prefer? a little of a lot OR a lot of a little

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Which do you prefer? a little of a lot OR a lot of a little

Post by kodiakbear » Sun Sep 09, 2018 4:58 pm

So over the years DF has yet done a little of something and then added to it later but other times they have done large sets with many different tiles.

So which do you prefer DF to do?

The advantage to small sets is that DF can test the waters and if popular make a add-on or two, the disadvantage is that if you love the set but DF either does not see enough sales or moves in a different direction you are left with a set that never has full potential.

The advantage to large set is that you have it all and do not have to worry the disadvantage is that those large sets are very expensive and can be risky for DF.

This question is important now that DF maybe moving to smaller KS, if they do would you rather see DF put out huge sets with all option with a high pledge goal to mitigate their risk? OR would you rather DF make little sets for new environments and then not add on to them if they do not see much sales?

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