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Re:KS2 2.1M Survey

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 4:17 pm
by granpappy77
I clicked on the survey link and just got a \"Thanks for your feedback\" message. Any idea what\'s up with that?

Tried Chrome & Explorer, same result.

Re:KS2 2.1M Survey

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:52 pm
by Nomad Terrain
This was mine:
1. Waterfall - something that would sit on a tile and reach the height of a water tile sitting on an elevation block (2 inches?). Multi-level water features would look really, really cool. Better if it can be designed to be thin, more like a curtain, to fit a figure behind it.

2. Straw Beds - I only have 2 of the original resin straw beds and I would love to have more, especially in dwarvenite. I would be fine with the original sculpt.

3. Mine wall – maybe a wall piece with a splash of gold, a pick on the floor, and wood beam supports to compliment the mine entrance piece.

4. Lair floor tile – another 2x2 floor tile, but covered in bones and bloody pulp left over from some creature’s meal of adventurers.

5. Floor pool – a self-contained 2x2 floor piece with a natural pool. This would add visual interest, everyone loves more floors, and this would complement the water tiles but also be helpful to folks who did not get the water set. A watering hole is also a natural encounter area….

There were some other really neat ideas posted in the KS comments.

Re:KS2 2.1M Survey

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:43 pm
by AnimeSensei
Here are my submissions:

1 - Game Tiles to Caverns conversion piece!!!
2 - The 4x4 pedestal in the Cavernous Chasms set
3 - The natural steps from the Cavernous Chasms set
4 - Wall with hole for animals to come through
5 - Wall with ledge 1\" up on it so minis could \"scale the wall\"
6 - Monster nest
7 - Monster/Dragon eggs
8 - Caverns door for closed off rooms in a mine
9 - Curved wall with floor so if you have two you can make a circular tunnel
10 - Floor with 45 degree wall going down the center; bisecting the floor

Re:KS2 2.1M Survey

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:39 pm
by jchunick
I wouldn\'t want a waterfall in dwarvenite. It would have to be done at 2\" height in pieces, and I don\'t see how that would stack so well or look, for that matter. I would rather build something like this:

It\'s a Woodlands Scenics tutorial video on making a waterfall using their products, but you can easily buy other brands that function the same like the Vallejo Still Water and Liquitex Heavy or Extra Heavy Gell, some bamboo skewers from the dollar store for manipulating it, and freezer paper for the non-stick surface on which to make the waterfall pieces. And it looks so easy that with a bit of practice anyone can do it. Then you can make waterfalls of any height.

Re:KS2 2.1M Survey

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:24 pm
by jericho
Did a survey go around? If so, I completely missed it.

Edit: I see it now. It is on the front page after you scroll all the way down. I thought a link to it would come in an update or something.

Re:KS2 2.1M Survey

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 2:57 pm
by granpappy77
LOVE the spider entrance idea, definitely want the serpent head entrance from the teaser. Waterfall would be VERY cool (and a wish fulfilled for many long-time fans of DF). Those are my top picks, but I like pretty much all the idea put forth so far.

I\'ll be very interested to see what Stefan does for the tribute piece.

Re:KS2 2.1M Survey

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 2:28 pm
by kitenerd
My big two were:

Dead end with removable rubble pile that reveals an opening (this could be Dungeon Tile on the other side... viola transition)

I would like a Waterfall two tiles (four squares) wide to align with rivers. When water is removed there should be an opening behind. This could also be painted in Lava, but it gets much harder for the adventurers to get through ;)

YES to including the Black Lagoon Gate, but i think that is a given from Stefans comments

Spider Door is brilliant idea

KS2 2.1M Survey

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 1:39 pm
by galladril
So, what did you guys ask for? I know we will all be seeing results soon-ish, but I was curious.

My Own:

Dungeon Tiles to Cavern Transition Piece (I think this is necessary)

Waterfall /Lavafall (A lot of people seem to want waterfalls more than lava falls, but it would make a great endcap, maybe even a hidden room behind it?)

Gargoyle Mouth v2 (WA1, anyone? I am a huge fan of Tomb of Horrors, though, so I am biased)

Dungeon to Cavern Secret Door (Don\'t know if this is possible to sculpt, especially because it needs to spin, but I\'m basically picturing a texture of each on each side)

\"Lizard\" Entrance we were teased with

Spider Entrance / Door (put the head at the top of the door, have the front legs move down the sides of the side walls - would be useful for anyone doing Menzo / Underdark campaigns, and tie in to the Spider Webs)

Cave-In (I don\'t know how this would play out. I am picturing an endcap piece like one of the WA sets.)

Gem / Ore Wall (Not my idea, but I really loved the idea of this, especially when pics were posted of the \"gold ore\" paint job Stefan had done. Some emeralds, and rubies offering some shine? That would be pretty neat)

And, most importantly, the Tribute Piece to Stefan\'s mother (but I personally do not think any backers should have ANY input on that - this is his tribute. Whatever he chooses, I am sure, will be absolutely beautiful.)

So, anyone else?