The Water Cavern Pack - So Close to being great!

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The Water Cavern Pack - So Close to being great!

Post by Arbados » Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:59 pm

Tonight I took the time to manage my pledge for the wonderful Cavern Kickstarter. I \"pulled up\" the Dwarven Forge Map Maker to help me see what I would need to purchase by creating sample maps of my typical games. Everything was working just fine and I was very excited for I thought I actually had some extra cash to spend on additional add-on\'s. Unfortunately, then came the Water Cavern Pack!

First, I want to say, I LOVE IT! It is fantastic and I was in for 4 sets. However, when I tried creating a nice sized deep, dark, ominous, underground lake (OK, enough adjectives) I realized I really couldn\'t. Yes, I could create a decent sized underground lake, but in order to make it fairly large for my aboleth lords I had to add multiple tiles which created small islands of rock. I really didn\'t want that. In the end, no matter what I did I couldn\'t create the large, dark, ominous underground lake because the set only included 4 of the water only tiles. I mentioned this while the Kickstarter was going on and had many people agree with the need. It would be great if there was simply a water only add-on pack for those wishing to create larger water areas. This request is similar to the one for additional floor pieces which ultimately resulted in the floor add-on pack (which I purchased).

Anyways, back to my pledge and determining what I should spend my money on! I just needed to mention this.

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