The NEXT kickstarter?! Number 3!

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Re:The NEXT kickstarter?! Number 3!

Post by Crimson_King_of_the_Tower » Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:54 pm

Yea I agree with medieval buildings. It would require no sliding molds like the caverns making the pricing on par with the first KS and not to mention at the moment there is only 1 base set, an \"advanced\" builder set and and accessories set for MBS. With a KS to bring it to dwarvenite you could expand that line SO much with variant pieces accessories different wall textures all kinds of nifty things that just don\'t exist for it yet and yea I would be in for at least 10 sets I need some cities lol.

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Re:The NEXT kickstarter?! Number 3!

Post by jimibones83 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:43 pm

I think its important for the next KS to he for medieval buildings. That would knock out the 3 most important types of terrain. I\'d like to see something really nice for the set though so that all the buildings don\'t have to look the same. Several different types of not only doors but also windows would help with that. I\'d really like to see it done in a sort of ramshackle style. I\'d buy 10 sets for sure

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Re:The NEXT kickstarter?! Number 3!

Post by kraegar » Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:08 pm

If the next kickstarter were buildings, I\'d be in. Even if it started today.

I could also see some outdoor pieces - grass & dirt tiles, hills (instead of stairs), dirt roads, cobbled roads, and bushes/trees. Imagine tying a couple of these sets together using outdoor pieces like that!

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Re:The NEXT kickstarter?! Number 3!

Post by shade_1313 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:49 am

Man, talk about no rest for the wicked!


But, yeah, I\'m sure a lot of us are mulling over what we\'d like to see, if there\'s a third KS somewhere down the line.

First, I agree with some comments I\'ve read in the past that the Medieval Building Set stuff would be a pretty simple transition to dwarvenite, and it WOULD be nifty.

I\'m always going to be partial to SciFi, I\'ve got a ton of the resin on hand and could always use more, but one thing in particular makes SF stand out as a good candidate, in spite of the lower sales of it in resin. One of the big sticking points with SF has always been that everyone has a different idea of what \"flavor\" of science fiction they want it to be. Clean, ultra high tech? Grungy, lived-in universe? Dark and grimy dystopian future? While the mostly silver finish of the resin is a good compromise, and acknowledging that buyers have ALWAYS been able to repaint if they want, there\'s a psychological hesitation to repaint what\'s already painted in some, and I daresay that unpainted dwarvenite, particularly if there\'s a pictorial example of how different paintjobs can radically alter the \"flavor\" of the pieces to suit the buyer\'s favored setting, might just be the thing to fire up the imaginations (and open the wallets) of many people who have only gotten into DF via the less expensive dwarvenite options.

As for other options, I\'m somewhat ambivalent about RoA and DoE. I LOVE the settings, have a ton of those sets, too. And I\'d LOVE to get boxes upon boxes of those settings in dwarvenite and cackle maniacally at my mega-uber temple to the evil gods, or admire the grandiosity of the huge complex of rooms left by a long gone civilization. But, the resin sets were always limited edition, so that MIGHT not sit well with some. I, personally, wouldn\'t have an issue with it, as the resin sets would still be limited, and there\'s clearly a difference between dwarvenite sets and resin, but it might bother some of the other DoE and RoA owners.

There are also other settings to be explored, though, I know a lot of folks want mines (which I think would best be an expansion for caverns, as mine tunnels would largely be a matter of dressed up passages) and sewers (which, again, would largely be a matter of passages, with precious few rooms).

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Re:The NEXT kickstarter?! Number 3!

Post by jericho » Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:26 am

I like the idea of a city set. The base set could be the medieval building set with stretch goals like windows, secret bookcase door, railings for balconies, followed by addon sets like a wooden building set and a sewer set. I would buy a minimum of 3 of each plus addons. And, if at all possible, various sizes of roofs.

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The NEXT kickstarter?! Number 3!

Post by humadalliance » Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:29 am


I\'m not sure if anyone made a dedicated thread to this (I looked back quite a ways through the forums and didn\'t see one) but I know last time *supported the first and second kickstarter!* we pretty rapidly started to toss around ideas for what we\'d like to see next.

Not only am I interested in voicing my ideas, but I really wanted to see other ideas that people have come up with!

I\'ve heard people talk a lot about buildings, and that\'s certainly something I would be interested in as well. I don\'t know how feasible it is to have multiple building styles, but I\'d love to see not only the Medieval buildings but also the Sci-Fi ones!

I really hope there\'s a future in the Sci-Fi line. I read somewhere once that they were not as popular as the other tiles, and while they would make a terrible kickstarter on their own most likely, I think they would be an amazing \'side addition\' much like the Game Tiles Passages were with the Cavern\'s kickstarter! I spent about $350 more (And convinced a friend to get some too!) this time because of the passages and really liked getting content from another source.

Personal preference! I am so into the Sci-Fi tiles though. I just wish I could get more Alpha and Beta sets!

Anyway, that\'s my 2 copper! Thanks for reading, and hope to hear other thoughts!

- Joe

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