So what are people planning to buy once KSIII is in stock?

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Re: So what are people planning to buy once KSIII is in stock?

Post by dice4hire » Tue Jan 26, 2016 3:46 pm


Well, more building stuff and streets mostly. So probably

Tudor floors (Or tudor starter, would rather have the floors and stone walls.)
Stone walls set
Streets starter 1 or maybe 2
Double posts (people are raving about them)
Tower battlements
Wall battlements

I mostly want stone so it can play the role of castles or fortified buildings, plus streets. Tudor is residential to my way of thinking and I need residential less than military in my games. I think the wood floors and stone walls will work though.
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Re: So what are people planning to buy once KSIII is in stock?

Post by pacarat » Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:37 pm

probably more alleys and sidewalks.

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Re: So what are people planning to buy once KSIII is in stock?

Post by Audles » Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:25 pm

I'll see once I put together what exactly I have. On first pass it looks like I'll want more stone buildings / accessories to make Keeps and the like. To me, the strength of this project seems to be the streets and stone buildings. I'll probably use the Tudor stuff for playable interiors and build out non-playable buildings with pieces from TableTop World and Miniature Building Authority. I can see picking up more sidewalk sets to accomplish this easily (since MBA + TW buildings may not conform to 4X4 footprint without help). That's about where I'm at now. But we'll see once I actually get to play with it!

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Re: So what are people planning to buy once KSIII is in stock?

Post by jackattack » Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:13 pm

If they restock I might be in the market for some Dungeon Tiles passage pieces, but I have to see what my tax return looks like this year...
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Re: So what are people planning to buy once KSIII is in stock?

Post by Vegomatic » Tue Jan 26, 2016 1:11 pm

I am considering:

Sidewalks... I bought one pack... I think I want at *least* one other... the brick floor texture could have so many applications beyond just sidewalks. Rooms with brick floors, brick paths in the woods (near ruins in particular) or in caverns. I have not tried standing them up yet (to make brick walls, or bricked up doorways - how about a brick window insert?). Many options... possibly even using different colors.

Sewer floors... I have two Monster Sewers... but, like the sidewalks, they have *many* other potential applications... especially if I paint them to be like marble tile, or some other "fancy" stone for entryways, throne rooms, or other special rooms. Or paint them as large stone squares and stand them up to represent stone block walls. So I want a couple of packs of those as well.

Beyond that... there is much I *want*... but I need to see how we actually use them before I spend any more... must save for KS4.

Minis... Townsfolk in particular. I passed on all of them to start with.

Stone Floors pack... I already have one, but I also have more than enough walls and posts for another... I need to play with what I have for a while before I make that decision.

Braziers... those look so cool... but again.. we may not want to use them due to our limited playing space... but I *really* like them. Maybe someone would trade/sell like half a pack of them? I can't see ever using more than 4 and in most cases I would just use 2. Anyone want to sell or trade 2 (or 4) of them?

Lighted Walls... Those are so amazing!!! Just another of those "would we actually use them?" items. We certainly don't "need" them for the way we play.

Window Dressing... I have the few that came with my Village. Not sure I need more... must play with what I have first.

Streets... I keep wavering on them... they look so impressive... I passed on them to start with... I have a cobblestone mat so I don't really expect us to need to use them... <sigh>

Otherwise, I think I am pretty good.

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Re: So what are people planning to buy once KSIII is in stock?

Post by lostpict » Tue Jan 26, 2016 11:36 am

- ratmen
- more alleys
- more streets
- more stone & wood floors

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Re: So what are people planning to buy once KSIII is in stock?

Post by Magniopi » Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:33 am

Maybe streets.
I passed on them during the Kickstarter as I was concerned a ton would be needed to be worthwhile, and I already have cobblestone mats.
Seeing all the pics now, though, I still worry about how many I'll need, but I'm very tempted to get them anyway.

Edit to add:
I should mention I have not yet received my order, (it's due today!), so I don't yet know what else I'll want to add.
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So what are people planning to buy once KSIII is in stock?

Post by Law » Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:24 am

For people who missed the Kickstarter, skipped it, or couldn't afford it, or for people who pledged what they could at the time and want to supplement -- what are people thinking of getting?

I'm definitely picking up a few things that I passed up for budget reasons, like the door set and the flaming brazier set. I may get the stone floor set and Tudor wall set, too.

I had initially expected to get another Bridge of Valoria and Wicked City set because I saw the advantages of doubling up with those. Make longer bridges, or towers that are hubs of large skyways. Make large markets, have extra gargoyles, get some extra horses. But now I see how I'm actually using the pieces, and that may not happen. It's cool to do once or twice, but I don't think I'd need them all that often. I barely have enough room for all the market pieces as it is, and cramming the streets with horses and carts doesn't actually seem like it would look good. I need most of my stone walls for regular buildings, so I rarely can build more than one tall tower, so four gargoyle posts is actually enough. Still thinking, though.

I definitely need another town guard, kinda wishing I'd sprung for the full set at the time -- now I'll be spending the same money, but I'll be getting fewer figures (and a superfluous duplicate of the guard captain figure). I MAY get more townsfolk, but I probably won't.

I was thinking of getting more sewer pieces, too. I really like the sewer, and now that I've gotten a sense of how it works, I can refine what I get. I don't think I'll ever do a massive sewer, but it'd be nice to do more than what I can now.

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