Wicked Sewer Needs?

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Wicked Sewer Needs?

Post by Smogma » Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:49 pm

So, what does a 'Wicked Sewer' need? I received my tiles the other day and started playing around with them. One thing I enjoy: determining the limits of a system. The obvious first limit is that all turns must be at 90 degrees. Not sure if it's even necessary, but currently, curves, angles, turns, etc. are off the table.

Maybe more important:
Because the floor pieces are separate from the walls I thought it would be a good idea to have sewers areas both 'with walk-ways' and 'without'. Perhaps the newer areas of the sewer system have flooring adjacent to the sluices for walking... but once the PCs reach a certain point, they have to venture into the 'older' areas of the sewer system. The older branches of the sewer don't have nice sidewalks and required the PCs to step into the muck and wade through the sluices.

This works, when continuing straight, as seen here:

It does not work, when the narrow sewer tunnel branches off from a wide tunnel, seen here:

What we need, is a 1"x2" Narrow Sluice piece. Makes sense, considering we have all the 1"x2" flooring.

Let me know what you discover!

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