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Please post your thoughts and reviews of our new line of Dwarvenite Game Tiles here.
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Re: More reviewing

Post by GardenDM » Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:54 pm

I had a similar reaction! There's so much to love in City Builder, but Tudor Ruins probably eek out the win for overall favorite, although streets got the biggest reaction during unboxing...we couldn't shut up about how beautiful they are.

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More reviewing

Post by kitenerd » Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:29 pm

Still opening and unboxing... i'll post thoughts as i go.

Battlements! - Who needs KS IV ?, i got these babies!!!! Love these pieces, they look great. I wish DF had not decided on a different color of dwarvenite... they do not blend seamlessly with my narrow passages, and that is a shame. I haven't built anything large with them yet, but i worry about pattern repetition. I was surprised they weren't painted in a varied scheme until i realized the moss was sculpted and so all the green blobs had to go in the same spots. This was among my favorite bits in the KS and still is. Even with KS IV looming, i think the smaller footprint will suit my needs better.

Imperial Streets - HOLY COBBLESTONES! that is a LOT of pieces!!! - Frighteningly, when you start to build with them you run out quickly. Two pieces for each section of street and four to turn a corner eat this bits up fast. I agree with Law, more straight streets are needed. I also think that Alleys may be the way to go. 8" is a lot of tabletop space... perhaps one long boulevard, but the side streets need to be narrower or it gets really big really soon. I need to play more before i give a full on "what this set needs..." but one piece i already want it is a way to narrow from a wide street to an alley (offsetting the 4x4 grid by 2" to be made up elsewhere with sidewalk). This would actually be two pieces a right and left handed which makes it a prohibitive proposition.

All of these pieces look gorgeous, really like this stuff. My curb drain pieces do not lie flat so i need to fix those (simple enough). I bought this set thinking i would split it and sell half... no chance... i want it all (and more!). I did try a quick build with my row houses with walkways between idea and i like it a lot. 1" may be too tight to even think about using, but three houses to a block with 2" between should work great.
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Tudor Ruins - GORGEOUS!!!!! Bang for the buck, i think this was the best deal in the KS. Fantastic and evocative... the story potential here is enormous. I plan to use this as a dungeon entrance more than anything. My only regret is that the floor timbers don't extend all the way to the opposite corner... if you try to stack and rotate floors it becomes very unstable. I need to play with this more and perhaps a solution will manifest.

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