KS 4 feedback

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Re: KS 4 feedback

Post by Saxon1974 » Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:30 pm

Much easier to discuss on here than the KS page.

I suspected a pretty big entry point on this one. I am curious to battlements though. I asked on the kick starter and suzy said some people didn't want crenelations and that they are available on sale from KS3. I realize that but the ones I see from ks4 look slightly different. Maybe those will be ad ons?

I don't think I'll get a tower just because of the cost. I do want at least a small keep that is enclosed with some towers and I would guess at least 700$ for that. I am a huge Castle guy though, love them. I also already have a tower from tabletop workshop so not much need for a guard/watch tower.

What I will be watching is; will it be cheaper for the castle option then buy straight walls to expand its size or just get the citadel. I do see some smaller corner towers in photos so curious about those too.

I suspect many more things are on their way for those who don't want castles. I'll be curious how this kick starter does as the entry point is even higher and its more focused on Castles.

If you don't run games around Castles I could see not wanting to lay out this much cash but many of the castle pieces can be used for many other things. I didn't get sewers last time just because I will only occasionally have games in sewers and it was steep to build a decent sized one.

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Re: KS 4 feedback

Post by dafrca » Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:20 pm

Just a suggestion, I would turn the countdown clock into a link to the KS. Forum posts show up in searches and folks may come here and see conversations. Right now the obvious way to then move to the KS would be to click the KS countdown in the left corner.

Just a thought/opinion. :-D

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Re: KS 4 feedback

Post by Bonham » Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:46 pm

I'm not very interested in the Castles aspect, so I'm hoping there's some kind of official pledge level which allows for the purchase of add-on's that isn't specifically castle related and I'm obviously hoping there will be some interesting non-castle specific add-on's. Castles aren't a prominent enough aspect of most our games to justify the amount I'd need to spend to create what I'd want.

I was really hoping to see some waterways, bridges, and docks. I am sure there are going to be some accessory add-on's (I'm hoping they are not merely stretch goals) but if I have to buy a gate house just to buy those I might take a pass this time around.
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Re: KS 4 feedback

Post by William » Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:30 pm

Love your knights and mounts in the red, white and black paint theme. If I weren't going royal-ish blue I would have copied those paint colors. I may have to really think what I "need" over what I "want".
Haha, my wife is going to see some real smoozing this month, good thing it's also my B.D. month. :lol:
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KS 4 feedback

Post by Law » Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:11 pm

I realize that most people are going to be commenting on the KS itself, but I figured I'd start a thread for discussion now that the KS is live. Plus, I haven't backed yet, so I CAN'T comment there.

In any case -- woot! It's live!

I can see this runs a serious risk of being twice as expensive as the last. A basic city, the Capital City pledge, gave you pretty much everything you needed to make a nice little block -- especially once you added various add-ons etc. The Imperial City level made more sense for some people -- you got more freebies etc. -- but it wasn't crucial. This time, it feels like the Grand Citadel level is pretty much what you'll need to do a "one of each" kind of castle. And then you'll be looking at all the add-ons, including those that aren't even really castle-related. It really feels like this could be a massive undertaking.

Still -- I'm glad to see the 12" wall. Those kinds of shortcuts are really useful for fans like me. I know the ultra-modularity and ultra-flexibility is extremely helpful and great, but for people who only have a couple of hours a week to mess around with this stuff - and that includes setting it up and putting it away -- it can also be a drawback. It takes me at least an hour to set up even the most basic of cities! First the streets, then basic cubes, then figuring out which doors and windows and walls go where, then adding balconies, then roofs, then signs and chimneys, then populating the place -- it takes forever! Thinking that each wall in a castle would have to be assembled out of three pieces -- oh MAN! But now I see that it won't necessarily be that bad.

Plus, hey, now that the footprint of DF is so large, I may just have to make permanent space for it on shelves that had previously housed Hot Toys 1:6 scale figures. DF looked out of place on those shelves before, when it was only 1-2" high and mostly designed for horizontal sprawl. But a huge castle facade would be PERFECT on a shelf like that. And I do already have those knights....

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