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Re: Q&A - Round Towers

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:16 am
by JenneyOC

1. Anyone knows how many tower levels can we build with the curve walls in Grand Citadel Pledge?
A- in one free standing 7 floor high… I think.

2. Separate question, will the 4" rounds walls from DF KS1 Game Tiles fit in the center instead? How about the 4" round staircases from the Master Maze Dungeon Accessories?
A- KS1 curved walls and half curved staircases are the same diameter as the 4 in tower, so they will not fit INSIDE the 4in tower. But they will fit inside the 6in tower.

3. Do we have to wait until the tower packs are unlocked to see what they are? It would be nice to get a preview. (So we can PLOT)
A- going to need to wait because the compositions are still being hashed out.

Re: Q&A - Round Towers

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 12:36 am
by JenneyOC
Questions 03/07/16

1. is it possible to substitute a CBS square tower for a castle corner?
A- Yes!!! I'll take some compatibility shots. And we made a special piece just for that :)
(If you mean swap out a tower in the pledge level, though, No.)

Re: Q&A - Round Towers

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 11:43 pm
by JenneyOC
Copying here to preserve it in the Q&A.
natetaylor wrote:Here are a couple of pictures of how the insides of the round towers work:

The walls affix to the floors with magnets and little notches. The same system is used to attach the floor extensions.

So you can use the same floors for 4" towers and 6" towers (just add extensions).

If you want to put in stairs, just remove a 1" extension:

The walls are held together with magnets too.

Once linked the whole level can be picked up as one solid unit. So you can pull the layers off the tower during game play if you need to. Also good for faster, sturdier building.

And the stairs are designed so they can hug the inside of the 6" tower or the outside of the 4" tower.

I'll do a hands on demo video that shows all of this as soon as we have enough pieces with magnets and metal in them (these circles are very unforgiving shapes for prototyping. They need to be very precise.

Re: Q&A - Round Towers

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:36 pm
by JenneyOC
Update 03-07-16

1. Do the curved stairs fit nicely inside a large round tower? Outside a small round tower? Does it hug the wall?
A- The tower stairs are cleverly designed to work with both tower sizes. They fit inside a large tower wall and outside a small tower wall.

2. So the tower floor is floating, suspended only by magnets in a circular tower?
A- Tower floors are supported by a combination of magnets and small notches. The notches fit into grooves and help keep the floors properly aligned and in place, especially when full of miniatures and accessories. Once assembled each floor of a tower can be picked up and moved around as one solid piece to make it as game table friendly as possible.

3. We really need a video of a watchtower being assembled from the ground up
A- Yes, it will be forthcoming. We are still generating a large enough quantity of functioning prototypes to be able to demonstrate it. We will try and deliver hands on demo videos of as many of he pieces and pledges as possible. We know you guys are dying to see this stuff in action.

4. will there be a transition piece between a 6" wide tower to a 4" wide tower? I see the roof arcs that fill that space, but not a stone wall that curves in.
A-we have lots of "transition" type pieces coming out...we want this to be as modular/designable as possible because that's the have fun reinventing your castle to make many different setups...

5. In the Watchtower graphic, it shows that each rounded wall is 6", does this mean that the watchtower floor circular piece is 12" (the graphic seems like it is much smaller)?
A- Large towers are 6" in diameter. Small towers are 4" in diameter. Measurement in the name is diameter of the tower not the size of the actual piece. Sorry for the confusing name.

6. why are there 9 half walls? For a circular tower, shouldn't that be an even number?
A- 7 half-tower walls, 2 quarter-tower walls, it looks like. with is enough walls for 4 floors.

7. will there be an 1/8th circle tower pieces to be able to join a wall to a tower which is not on a corner like they are in the Grand Citadel set?
A- There will only be half and quarter tower pieces. However we have some alternate ways to join towers and walls in consideration.

8. Why does the Tower have a curved stair SG instead of a straight stair?
A- Because it's more modular for the tower.

Q&A - Round Towers

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2016 6:43 pm
by JenneyOC
LiveStream Launch Q+A - 03/06/16

1. Any chance for a larger round tower?
A- There are 4” and 6” diameter towers.

2. Will tower pledge level get different stretch goals than the castle pledge level?
A- No. All pledge levels who receive stretch goals will receive the same pieces. Different pledge levels will receive different quantities of each goal, but the sculpts will be the same.

3. If you want both circle and square towers is the Grand citadel the only pledge level? Or will there be add-ons to support?
A- There will be add-ons to support backers being able to customize their castle to whatever level they are interested in. They are coming.

4. Can you add more floor space to make an oval tower.
A- Yes. You can add square CBS tiles between each half of the tower to customize some shapes that are not circles.

5. Wizard’s tower topper?
A- Scroll down to the bottom image in the KS campaign page. There might be some clues to different Tower toppers that are coming.

6. Options to buy tower walls w just one door?
A- Yes, there will be options to pick up various different round tower walls.

7. Is there a reason the 6” tower doorway wall was left out of the grand citadel pledge?

A- Yes. The decision was made to use twin doorway walls so that the towers can be accessed from both sides of the walls. If you want to separate your tower away from the main castle, DF will be releasing additional pieces to allow the towers to be fully encased.

8. Will square towers be part of KS4 or is that something meant to be built with KS3 CBS-city pieces.

A- While there are many new pieces to support the Stone CBS buildings, these new castle pieces were meant to work in conjunction with previous pieces in the CBS system to allow for maximum variation in builds.

9. Will there be an Ice Tower?
A- That is an interesting idea.