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Re: Questions for Jenney

Post by zenmaster » Mon Mar 07, 2016 6:08 am

[Edit: Just read in the KS comments that you passed out at some point. Yikes! Get some rest. You need it and deserve it. When things calm down, please pass the following question on when you have the time. Thanks, and take care.]

Hi Jenney, this is in reference to the following question and answer from the Codex:

"7. Is there a reason the 6” tower doorway wall was left out of the grand citadel pledge?

A- Yes. The decision was made to use twin doorway walls so that the towers can be accessed from both sides of the walls. If you want to separate your tower away from the main castle, DF will be releasing additional pieces to allow the towers to be fully encased."

Will these additional pieces be free stretch goals for Grand Citadel pledgers by any chance?

That is my question.

I really don't understand how the most expensive top tier pledgers are not given the wherewithal to create a separate round tower as an inner keep or standalone watchtower or such. For 1000$ (painted), I would expect to get that modularity that is being trumpeted without being forced to buy add-ons. I don't begrudge pricing or offerings in this KS in general, but this specific point really irks.
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Questions for Jenney

Post by AnimeSensei » Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:29 pm

How tall are the inside walls and different elevation blocks? I'm wondering how useful they could be in my KS1 tiles builds. I'm sure you've already been asked about the 2x2 block and the footprint (especially the 8x8 and the 1x6), but the rest of the pieces, how well do they scale as well to KS1 and KS3? If I do multiple levels of KS1 tiles, will they meet the same height as the KS4 ones, or will the new ones match KS3? Just want to adjust my pledge according to my needs. The new elevation blocks open up all new ways to do dungeons, just like KS2 did for caverns.

Also, will the factory painted pieces be made to match the KS1 or KS3 paint?

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