Tower Transition w/ Cutout Corner Wall?

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Tower Transition w/ Cutout Corner Wall?

Post by StevenO » Sat Apr 02, 2016 1:45 pm

This is mostly about the Cutout Corner Wall but how are you supposed to use it unless you already have a SOLID corner to start with? The Cutout Corner would replace the exterior walls on an existing corner with a more versatile one but the pack does nothing to actually ADD a corner to a castle. It would still need the corner spacer if it is to stand up on its own and allow a useful Tower Transition to take.

If one is pledging something with closed corners the CoCW does make throwing out the corner walls to put in towers possible. If someone doesn't pledge those levels we'd now be looking at complete corner walls and following them up with the CoCW just to add a corner tower leaving us with one corner wall left to use. My plan had been a Ramparts pledge w/ Corner Walls to make two turns, a stone CBS building for the third, and the Tower to Wall transition to put a Watchtower on the fourth corner. Besides the issues with the Watchtower not being corner read the two add-ons to add it as a full corner are also incomplete.

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