WHY are the LED metal prongs so dang fragile?!?

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WHY are the LED metal prongs so dang fragile?!?

Post by iceycat » Fri Aug 04, 2017 3:42 pm

The ONE thing I've not gone in for so far in previous DF orders was LED elements of the socket variety. I got the CBS braziers but that's all self contained. In KS5 I get quite a few of them with the DoD pledge and I hadn't been around for KS4 so now that they came out in the shop I went all in and got several kinds. 4 pack of Chromatic Orbs, 2 sets of lantern posts (8 total), LED floor pack and of course LEDS come on the gatehouse door as well.

These are certainly different than the CBS braziers I had ordered, as I said those were self contained where as these had to be inserted. Okay, cool. I place my first lantern in a lantern post, the fit is fairly snug and one of the prongs on the lantern snaps in half. What the heck? It's not like I was being rough with it. I decide not to mess with the rest of them for now. Then I open the chromatic orbs. These have a slightly different socket set with that white plastic thing so I put one on. Lights up, looks cool. Take the orb off the pedestal and notice one of the prongs broke in half again. SERIOUSLY?

I Did NOTHING to them other than try to insert them to see how it looked and then removed them. I wasn't rough, I wasn't wrenching on it or twisting it or anything. I tried 2 and broke 2. Now I'm too paranoid to even try assembling my remaining pieces. Opened up the gatehouse and saw the 2 LED elements and was like...NOPE...not even going to try.

Are these things seriously this fragile? What is going on here? I'm thinking ahead to the Dungeon of Doom and I WAS all excited about swapping out LED pieces. sometime torches, sometimes snake orbs or whatever. Now I'm thinking...do I dare? These prongs don't seem robust enough for frequent (OR ANY apparently) insert/remove cycles. Anyone have advice or run into this?

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