Pledge Manager Clarity Needs

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Re: Pledge Manager Clarity Needs

Post by lostpict » Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:34 pm

Nate, I would like to see the backside of the Royal Sanctuary walls and the keep; also would like to see this area deconstructed to understand visually how the RS construction differs from the Grand Citadel.
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Re: Pledge Manager Clarity Needs

Post by Audles » Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:54 pm

My Weird Wish List:

-Photographs of the Beveled Walls of the Castle Set Used as Straight Walls, e.g., how does this look as a straight wall set up of a City Gate (assuming this exists somewhere, I couldn't find it though).

-Scale Photo of Watchtower, Castle, Citadel Placed Next to 1 Set of KS1 Dungeon Tiles for Common Understanding of Scale / Size of DFC. KS1 seems like a set everyone has a good intrinsic understanding of its table coverage at this point.

-Dwarven Forge Approved "Cheapest Pledge" to Build Knight-Commander Nate's Barbican (It's super rad, would love to know the cheapest path to it).

I'll post more if I think of them! Thanks!

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Re: Pledge Manager Clarity Needs

Post by DonTheDime » Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:53 pm

Nate, one request I have is to make sure the names used in the parts lists are consistent across the pledges, particularly with respect to the Pre-configured pledges.

As for hands-on demo videos, I have three suggestions:
1. Stone Advance Builder set - it would be nice if you could go through the pieces of the set and show different ways they can be used.
2. Drawbridge Update packs - it would be nice to see how the components of these packs are designed to fit together and work.
3. Accessory bits demonstration - with the accessory bits unlocked in the KS, it would be nice to demonstrate the different kinds (the ones designed to fit into the accessory post holes - like the high crenellation corners; the ones designed to hang from the small slots at the top of the 4" walls; the ones designed for the accessory 'slots' (see Accessory Slot crenellation, and the machicolated battlements; and even the LED sockets). There are a number of options present in the stretch goals and in several of the add-on packs, it would be nice to see examples from them to demonstrate their use.
- just one possible example - the accessory crenellation tile with the oil cauldron - show how they do not have to be used with the oil cauldron, but can be used with the wood shutters from the stretch goals, or the monster face shutters in the Nercromancer style packs, and any other of these kind of pieces that are designed for these slots, but may not be obvious from just the pictures/names in the pack descriptions.

Just some ideas.

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Pledge Manager Clarity Needs

Post by natetaylor » Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:16 pm

We have a few weeks to prepare for the opening of the Pledge Manager.

What sort of clarity do you guys need most in order to finalize your pledges?

There's some time to shoot some photos and videos, which things would you like covered? Which hands-on video demos would be most helpful to you?

We won't be able to cover everything, most likely, so maybe just list your top three most confusing things.

And please don't clutter this up with a wishlist of add-ons and pieces, that should be a separate thread. Here, let's just focus on how we can give you the information you need based on what's already available.

Thanks for the feedback and guidance!

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