Missing and damaged KS4 pieces (order 618345)

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Missing and damaged KS4 pieces (order 618345)

Post by Rokeca » Wed Sep 27, 2017 5:18 pm

Hi - I've tried emailing Customer Service three times, but no success/response. I'm hoping someone can help to solve this here!

When doing an inventory of my order I found that a few pieces were not packed in the boxes. As well, I received some damaged pieces. I am hoping you will be able to help out.

First, in terms of the missing pieces, I am missing

• 1x 1”x2” Flagstone Floor tile (missing from a Courtyard Floors add on set)
• 2x Oil Cauldron (missing from a Ramparts – Crenellation add-on set)
• 2x Battlement Blade (from Stretch Goals box)

In my email, I attached pics of the 3 most damaged pieces from my order (and when storing my pieces this weekend, I discovered a 4th damaged piece)

• 1x 4” Tower Half – Arrowslit (in the picture, you can see that it doesn’t come close to matching its counterpart in size – at some point it got stretched out of shape) – from a Small Tower – Fortified set
• 1x Crossbow – love these, but one is horribly twisted and out of form – from Stretch Goals box
• 1x Drawbridge (is quite warped and really diminishes the wow factor when a castle is built)
• 1x Wall platform (it arrived without one of the support pieces underneath the platform)

If it is possible to have the damaged pieces replaced and the missing pieces fulfilled, that would be outstanding.

Thanks, and love my Dwarven Forge!


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