Question about new limited restock pre order

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Question about new limited restock pre order

Post by iceycat » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:21 pm

So Stefan said (on Facebook) that they would not be carrying big sets like the Royal Stronghold anymore other than this limited run of pre orders or maybe something coming around again in a few years. I sort of get this for the big castle but what does that mean for the other sets that have been around for a while like the CBS hamlet that is on the pre order. Does that mean the hamlet set will not be available after a limited run anymore? What about Erinthor mountains which seems to be selling really well but is also on that preorder list. How about the watchtower pre order? Does that mean large towers won't be in the general store unless you get this limited run pre order? If you won't be able to get the royal stronghold anymore can you still get one via buying all the smaller kits that go into it individually?

It's all confusing and not explained very well. In fact I feel like nothing in KS4 was. It hit the store was half sold out within a day or two, then we're told we won't see more until sometime in 2018 and now we're seeing sets and are being told get some (or maybe all???) of these pre orders while you can because you'll never see them again even though we didn't tell you before they would be limited availability only and got so few of them you couldn't have gotten half of it unless you were on it in the first day or two it was in the shop anyway.

It's also weird because KS5 JUST ended, the pledge manager is literally just ending for it. and then there's this weird let us know if you can drop $2,000+ dollars for this prepainted only castle or you'll probably never see it again right on the heels of everyone bashing their wallets against KS5 which is going to create very few opportunities for people who might have wanted this castle but needed to let their wallets recover. Again we had no warning that these weren't going to be kept in regular stock and apparently if we want one we need to let them know by the end of the month or so or else too bad so sad?

It's like, wait....what's happening here?

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