FYI on LED Floor tile

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FYI on LED Floor tile

Post by William » Mon Jul 23, 2018 3:11 pm

I received my first painted set of dwarvenite and it was this set of LED floor tile and 4 "features".
Love them, but noticed the silver coated sheet supplied works better upside-down with the white showing.
Also, shouldn't the clear pieces the light is supposed to difuse through should actually be lower than the base so light hits them easier. The little flat alter with the crystals barely lights up, because the crystals don't even reach the bottom of the base piece. These should be updated at the factory to have longer crystals and the other features could grab the photons better too.
Don't take this as a problem so big I want to return it, I don't.
They are sweet, just could have been done a little better underneath where the lights are to grab light better. :)
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