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The short version of my homegrown world of Mythras and City of Valoria!
35+ years of playing and revising (many have seen glimpses of this world in various documentaries (including the Dwarvenaut)
Just like SNL, not sure it was ready for "prime time" till now! Special thanks to Elye Alexander (Griffon Tamer) for pulling it all together from my scribbles and musings and ravings and rantings! So many others have also helped to bring this all together, too many to mention here, but especially Wondy Amare, Ben Speaker, Isiah Samson, Nate Taylor and others!
This short sample (some 60+ pages) is just a taste of the grand world it could be! Future plans are in the works as it is my dream to publish this lifelong work of mine...a universe grown up from all my interests and experiences traveling around the world and growing up in the big apple, and playing D&D!
If you lived in Valoria what neighborhood would YOU be from?
The lands around it are wild! Where will you build YOUR Castle?
"Oh Valoria! Built on the ruins of Valor! May it thrive and grow!"
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