Q/A: KS5 General FAQ Questions

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Q/A: KS5 General FAQ Questions

Post by JenneyOC » Wed Jun 21, 2017 12:34 am

Q: I'm a new backer of DF and a little overwhelmed. Do you have any resources for me to sort this all out?

A: Of course! Welcome New backer! There are several resources available to you:
1. The NEW BACKER VIDEO by Nate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCTQ893 ... J&index=0
2. The NEW BACKER KS5 PDF for sample pledging: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Cg8 ... ozY0k/view
3. Useful links as well as INDIVIDUAL encounter Walkthrough videos: http://www.dwarvenforge.com/forum/view ... 52&t=8392
4. The I'm New Here Forum of questions and answers specifically targeted to new backers: http://www.dwarvenforge.com/forum/view ... 52&t=8415
5. The entirety of the CODEX VALORIA answers to all questions: viewforum.php?f=52


Q: What happened to the old pledge levels, the 2-set, 5-set, 10-set etc?

A: We wanted to offer something a little different to help our collectors Level Up their dungeons - the themed Encounter design gets you more specialty pieces and fewer basic pieces, while still getting stretch goals! Backers really liked our prebuilt sets last time around, and this expands on that idea but still offers bonus stretch goals!

If you're just starting out your Dwarven Forge collection or want to stock up on more bread-and-butter basic pieces, we'll also be offering Add-on Set featuring Packs of basic walls, floors, corners, and doors with free US shipping, which makes them am excellent value.

Q: How do stretch goals work this time?

A: Each individual Encounter room will get its own, specially themed stretch goals as the campaign progresses. You receive these stretch goals whether you get the Encounter as part of your base pledge, or purchase it as an Addon - yes, some Addons get stretch goals this time!

This ensures you get more of the stretch goals that go with the dungeon elements you like best, and nobody gets 10+ of something they feel "meh" about. (And you guys are REALLY going to like some of the stretch goals we hope to hit…)


Q: What if I only want certain Encounter rooms?

A: You can pledge at the Addons Only level and pick and choose exactly the ones you want. Just add up your total and pledge the amount to cover it, and you can tell us exactly what you want in the Pledge Manager after the campaign ends. You still get stretch goals for whatever Encounters Addons you chose!

You will get slightly better pricing if you start with one of the prebuilt pledge levels, but the flexibility is there to get exactly what you want if that meets your needs better.


Q: I am NEW to DWARVEN FORGE! This is information Overload. WHERE DO I BEGIN!

A: Here are a few recommendations on how to begin to think about what you might be interested in. What type of games do you RPG? How much space do you use at a time? How much space do you have for storage? What is your budget? Once you have identified what is best for your style of play and your group, lets build a pledge that makes sense for YOU.

And please ask questions in the comments. There are usually multiple backers and staff available to assist you in any question that you might have!

Here is a link to all New DF backer pledge style questions that I have already fielded. Lets get your feet wet and then jump in the depth and fantasy that is Dwarven Forge.
http://www.dwarvenforge.com/forum/view ... 52&t=8415


Q: What scale are these pieces? Old resin/Kickstarter scale or City Builder/Castle scale?

A: All pieces for the Dungeon of Doom like will be offered to match and integrate with our Classic Dungeon and Game Tiles (Kickstarter 1) lines as closely as possible.

We consider them compatible with City Builder and Castle elements despite the slight size difference, though and can’t wait to see how you combine them!


Q: What base color are these pieces going to be cast in?

A: The base color will be as close a match to our Game Tiles Dwarvenite “Dungeon Gray” as we can achieve.


Q: Why are you starting your fifth Kickstarter when the fourth hasn't finished shipping yet?

A: We hear you! Shipping is nearly complete for our previous Kickstarter, and we are confident that all backers will have their Castles in hand before the Dungeon of Doom Kickstarter finishes.

As much as we might like to delay until shipments were 100% done, our timetable for Kickstarters is largely dictated by our manufacturing partners and when the factory has production capacity for a major undertaking the scale of ours.

Dwarven Forge remains committed to delivering all rewards and satisfying all backers, and our track record of successfully delivering Kickstarter rewards in as timely a manner as possible stands tall.


Q: What is the benefit for kickstarting a set over waiting for the release on the Dwarven Forge website?

A: The primary things benefits are: you are guaranteed to get that set (some sets we just don’t have any extra of, though, that’s mostly not an issue except on the largest sets); the price will always be lower on Kickstarter and US shipping is free, whereas we charge for shipping on our website; and the ship date will always be quicker.


Q: Do people who choose unpainted get their rewards first? Or do the painted ones take precedence because they take longer to prepare?

A: All backers get their pieces at roughly the same time as they are shipped from China at the same time in a large shipping container. The first molds off the line are taken for painted rewards as they have a slightly longer lead time in production. While those pieces are being painted, additional pieces are still being molded on the process line which will most likely be part of the unpainted rewards. All finished products, both painted and unpainted are packed into the shipping container and sailed to the US for shipping and fulfillment.


Q: Is there a way to add magnet anchors to the older KS1, KS2, KS3, and KS4 sets?

A: At this time there are no anchor holes in the bottom of the older pieces. The CLASSIC Dungeon sets released in this Kickstarter will have anchor holes added to them. (this is part of their being remastered) BUT that being said, there is a whole forum thread dedicated to the addition of magnet to other dwarvenite pieces. You can find that thread here:
http://dwarvenforge.com/forum/viewtopi ... 1#p115690


Q: I am looking for a link that was posted in the COMMENTS that i can't find anymore. Any chance you have all the important links saved somewhere in one location?

A: Yes, there is a thread pinned to the top of the KS5 Forum on the Dwarven Forge Site. You can access that specific thread here:
http://www.dwarvenforge.com/forum/view ... 8#p115898


Q: My question hasn't been answered here, is there somewhere I can look to see if someone already asked a question close to mine?

A: The Knightess runs both a read only forums of answered questions called the CODEX VALORIA, as well as the 'Ask the Knightess' forum if you have a specific question that you need answered. All answers are placed into the "CODEX VALORIA" under the appropriate subject heading.

Here are the links to both forums:

CODEX VALORIA viewforum.php?f=52

ASK THE KNIGHTESS viewforum.php?f=54
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