Dungeon of Doom paint fixes

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Re: Dungeon of Doom paint fixes

Post by Law » Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:14 am

I may try that Flickr solution, thanks.

And yeah, that argument was directed primarily at the original paint job. I realize it's a minor issue that can be difficult to pick out - but I think the problem is that even if you don't see precisely what's wrong with the original paint job, you still get an overall impression of it being a bit messy and cluttered. It just doesn't look as good - maybe you can't even say why.

Trying to pick out the individual stones with my touch ups will hopefully lead to cleaner, more detailed views - again, even if the viewer can't tell what's improved.

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Re: Dungeon of Doom paint fixes

Post by Rabbit Burner » Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:28 am

Somewhat with Rhizom - difficult to tell though we think we worked it out - a less brown stone bleed in the touch ups.

Nice Job Law though doesn't your argument 'But even if the eye can't pick out these issues at that distance' hold true for the original sloppy paint job ?

Difficult for us to comment on this as we don't have any in our paws and we suspect that the brown is more noticeable at a distance. There is also the feeling that you know its there so every time you look at them you see the bleed even if others don't.

On a picture note - we use Flickr which whilst can be a pain - upload to Flickr, then link to here.
Previewing posts shows the linked pictures so you can see exactly the order they will appear.
Also Flickr allows you to decide what size you want to link.

Additional we have a Flickr account just for our Table top gaming and this forum - don't use many other forums - they smell.

EDIT - agree those resin dry stone walls look amazing.
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Re: Dungeon of Doom paint fixes

Post by Rhizom » Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:33 am

Forgive me, but I don't see a difference and can't tell which are which. I liked them before as well.

That said, my paint style for miniatures is also kind of sloppy. So maybe my eyes are not used to seeing such differences.

Edit: oh wait! In 6636 and 6637 I see the sloppiness now!
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Minotaur Lord
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Dungeon of Doom paint fixes

Post by Law » Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:45 am

So I decided to light a candle instead of cursing the darkness. I got some Citadel paints -- grey and black -- and took a stab at the absolute worst spots, spots where the lighter brown brick color was just sloppily slapped on without regard to the boundaries of the sculpts.

Here are some rough "before and after shots" -- I can't match up which individual walls are which because I wasn't that precise, but these are some closeups to highlight what I'm talking about. In the "before," you can see the light brown paint going into the cracks and over onto adjacent bricks. In the "after," you can barely make out where my paint touch-up went. (note: the "after" shots come first, in case it's confusing - I always forget the forum posts in reverse order)

Normally, you'd want to inkwash and drybrush to get the proper blending and shading effects -- this is bound to be a sloppy and imperfect solution. But -- sadly, I have to say, the starting point is already so sloppy, I figured I could hardly make it WORSE, unless I were truly careless. At the very least, I'd have a grey blotch instead of a brown one.
And in the end I am happy with how they came out. They're still not stellar, but at least there are clearly defined bricks.

A few last words -- yes, these are extreme close-ups, and yes, these are tiny spots of overspill. Some people might feel like, sure, they show up if you get up close, but standing at a table at a game you won't see this issue. And that's true. But even if the eye can't pick out these issues at that distance, the general effect is to look slightly less detailed and realistic. It creates a blurred, cluttered impact instead of looking truly amazing, even if you can't quite put your finger on what's off. It just diminishes the impression.

By way of contrast, I am also posting some close-ups of old resin DF sculpts. You can see how strong the contrast is. The older sculpts really look like stone walls, with individual stones that have proper texture and color and appear distinct from one another. The sloppy and overly aggressive drybrushing on the KS paint is just not the same.

I will say I've decided against painting the columns. Yes, the drybrushing is way over the top. But at least it creates a uniform appearance. With the columns as red as they are in the prototypes, it's possible that it would look overwhelming and "stripey" to have an entire dungeon full of this red-and-black contrast. This way the contrast between column and dungeon is more subdued and it blends a little better. Plus it looks dusty and damaged. To some extent, I'm rationalizing a poor paint job and my own reluctance to do the work to fix it. But I do think there's SOME upside. I may get a few extras down the road to paint up in case I want a "newer", cleaner room with sharper contrasts. But for now, the columns stay as they are.
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