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Re: Mega Packs

Post by ejclason » Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:45 am

In the end I went with 1x Large Floors, 1x Large Curved Dais, 1x Small Curved Dais, 1x Straight Dais, 1x Ancient Pillars, instead of the Emperor's Palace.
I decided I didn't need the 2nd Small Curved Dais, Straight Dais, and Ancient Pillars, along with a Pit and Throne (which I am already getting in Shrine and Zaltar's) even if they are slightly discounted.

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Re: Mega Packs

Post by bernyleung » Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:14 am

I, myself, got the Elevation Megapack. A very nice assortment of pieces in reasonable quantities that could can and will very much enhance existing KS3 pieces.

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Re: Mega Packs

Post by pacarat » Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:58 am

I went back and forth on the Elevation options, finally settled on only add ons. My targets were a minimum of four bridges and six epic stairs, and I didn't want/need all the extra corner posts and assorted gribblies that multiple mega packs would bring.

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Re: Mega Packs

Post by zenmaster » Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:28 am

To me, the Emperor Marble megapack was a no-brainer. Looking at the overall picture (thanks to Vegomatic's awesome spreadsheet)

One of each Marble add-on pack, painted - total cost 212.00, #pieces 72, price per piece 2.94
Emperor Marble megapack, painted - total cost 285.00, #pieces 96, price per piece 2.97

With the megapack, you are getting more floors, pillars, and almost all types of dais pieces. You would just get a couple more stair jacks and 11 vs 8 dais platforms with all add-ons (though the megapack gives you 4 more 1x2 dais platform pieces, so actually has about the same area of dais platform pieces).

To get enough dais pieces to match the megapack, you would need at least another curved dais and large curved dais pack, adding 51 dollars. So with dais pieces being roughly equal , the Megapack gives you an extra large floor with 4 pillar corner posts, an extra 4 marble ancient pillars, a throne, and the pit piece for only 22 dollars more. That is a pretty good deal in my book.

I am only getting one throne in Zaltar's gameroom, so the second one here was big for me (Most kings have a queen!). The pit is an incredibly cool piece as well. Was not coveting getting a second one, but I sure as heck will take it.

Edit: Did not see geekjeff's more detailed analysis below before replying. I came to the same conclusion, I think :-)


As for the Elevation Megapack, that is a lot trickier decision


-- All of the elevation for most basic needs in one nice package
-- Very good ratio of elevation arches (hard to get in good number elsewhere)
-- Savage Gargoyle Statues and Pedestal Platforms are VERY hard to get elsewhere


-- You are locked into two sets of Dungeon Bridge bases and lots of Dungeon Bridge pedestals, which balloon the cost of this megapack. (I would say if you are not crazy about having two bridges, this pack may not be for you)
-- You can control your ratios of elevation blocks, elevation pillars, etc. much better with add-on sets
-- The Savage Gargoyle Statues and Pedestal Platforms may not be the most crucial cool pieces to some

I almost decided against it, but leaned toward being OK with two bridges in the end. I was wavering among 0-1-2 Dungeon Bridges for a long time, but went with two, because i think they give some interesting possibilities. The great number of Elevation Arches (8!), and the hard to find special pieces were welcome, but the desire for the bridge pieces will most decide how cost-efficient the Elevation megapack is for each buyer, I think.
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Re: Mega Packs

Post by LadySabelle » Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:16 am

Mostly it depends on what your priorities are. If you like the throne and the sacrificial pit, the emperor's palace is definitely the way to go. If you already have them and/or don't care to get more, there are still some advantages to the mega pack. Here's the closest match for individual add-ons:
Large floors x2.........$110/$78 (gives you 4 extra 4x4 floors)
Curved Daises x2......$48/$32
Straight Daises x2......$100/$70 (4 fewer 1x2 platforms and 2 fewer 2x2 platforms but 8 MORE straight daises)
Large Curved Daises..$27/$20
Ancient Pillars x2......$50/$32
Also 8 extra pillar corner posts and 6 extra stair jacks with this (multiple sources), but you miss the throne and pit.
Total: $335 add-ons vs $285 mega pack (unpainted $232 vs $198)

IMO the emperor's palace is worth it (I'm getting 4 of them) but I also really want more thrones and pits.

Edited over and over because I kept making mistakes... Sorry. I'll stick to sculpting... clay doesn't require math.
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Re: Mega Packs

Post by geekjeff » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:16 am

Well, looking at the Marble sets to compare - the closest assortment you can buy to approximate an Emperor's Palace is:

$280 for 1x Large Floors, 1x Large Curved Dais, 2x Small Curved Dais, 2x Straight Dais, 2x Marble Ancient Pillars

Compared to an Emperor's Palace at $285. The Emperor's palace nets you all of the above but adds as a bonus: 1 huge 8x8 floor, the Sacrificial Pit, a Zaltar's Throne, and 4 Half/2 Whole Dais Platform pieces. But, it's minus 8 Straight Dais stairs and 6 Stair Jacks.)

There's a pretty good value if you want to go in heavily on Daises, especially for the Marble. Right around the same price and lots of extra goodies.

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Mega Packs

Post by HiveFleetCerberus » Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:36 am

Has anyone figured out how much of a deal, if any, there is in the mega packs? I am trying to decide between emperor's palace and individual addons.

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