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Re: Burrows

Post by Gargs454 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:17 pm

Just to be clear, I really like the burrows. For me though, as a new customer and one on a rather limited budget, that's what prevented me from doing it. However, if I already had a good assortment of dungeons and caverns (will be picking those up through the store soon) I would have very strongly considered burrows because suddenly they would have been plausible for me, even if I see them getting relatively limited use (that's mitigated by already having the more used pieces). So that said, I could certainly see me indulging in something like Burrows in the future.

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Re: Burrows

Post by LadySabelle » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:11 pm

I was of 2 minds with the burrows. Some of the multilayered builds look awesome and the sculpting on the pieces is top quality work. It really is an innovative set. Well worth the price.
But my imagination for sculpting additional elements was limited. I wasn't personally inspired to think of things I would add to it. For every other set DF offers, I have dozens of ideas of what I can add to them. For me, that's a huge influence to what I will pledge for. I'm probably a very rare DF collector because of this... I'm really not getting this stuff to use in my games. That's why I didn't feel the need to get anything more that what came with the DoD. (Though I did get some extra accessory sets, just for the breached wall)
Unless I specifically state that my information is directly from Valoria, my comments are just my own opinions.

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Re: Burrows

Post by ForestZ » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:08 pm

As someone who just can't invest $3k, or even $1k during a KS, burrows were right out, regardless of how cool they were. There were too many other things I needed to get. I would like to say that eventually burrows will make it on my radar, but realistically, since I can't go all in each KS, there are still a backlog of sets and pieces I want. And given that DF won't stop making new pieces, there will continue to be other pieces that I will likely prioritize over that for quite a while.

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Re: Burrows

Post by Pizzabagel » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:01 pm

I'm a newbie, but I thought I'd risk sharing my rationale: I was originally going to pass on burrows because I wasn't sure how much I would use them, and I also wasn't sure how well they would fit together, and didn't want to have a bunch of fiddly bits that fall apart when you try to use them, breaking the immersion.
I finally decided to take a chance on them because (#1) it looks like you get a good value/amount of pieces for the money, (#2) in the videos, Stefan and Nate were so enthusiastic about them, and (#3) frankly so far I've been really impressed with everything I've bought from the dwarven forge store. Based on all the products I've seen so far, with high quality and high cool factor, I decided to buy on faith. I realize that not everyone can deliver 10/10 quality every time, but it seems they have a very good track record.

If the burrows system works well I can imagine opportunities beyond insect colonies to use them - ghoul warrens under a cemetery; goblin/evil mite colony under a rotting tree; kobold caves in the Caves of Chaos; rock tubes carved by a brood of lava worms, etc.

Here's hoping they are awesome!

If the burrows work well

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Re: Burrows

Post by unclebilly » Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:56 pm

I loved the Burrows so much so that I got a DoD and also added a full extra set of Burrows to it.

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Post by ejclason » Wed Oct 18, 2017 5:38 pm

In the latest Dwarven Forge survey, my answer to the ‘what was your favorite part of KS V?’ question was Burrows. Then I got to the questions about why you bought/didn’t buy Burrows, and realized that maybe others don’t share my enthusiasm. Below are some of the reasons I’ve seen posted for why backers didn’t get Burrows and why those reasons don’t apply to me.

‘Burrows is a niche encounter type which very rarely occurs’
While I can’t remember any encounter areas that were primarily burrows, encounter areas frequently include a section of burrows. What sewer area is complete without some burrows for the Giant Rats/Ratmen/Wererats? What castle dungeon doesn’t have some kind of creatures that have burrowed into it?

‘Caverns can be used for Burrows’
I think the difference between Caverns and Burrows is much much larger that the difference between Vaulted and Classic Dungeon. I have tried using the narrow caverns passages for burrows and was not happy with the results.

‘It’s hard to fit all the party’s miniatures in Burrows’
This is a feature, not a bug ;) Burrows are supposed to be cramped. It gives the small nimble creatures that live in them an advantage over the large clumsy intruders.

‘I couldn’t afford everything I was wanted, Burrows was an easy thing to forego and maybe get later’
I understand this reason more than the others. Still, given that I already have a fair amount of Classic Dungeon, I would get Burrows before I got Vaults Walls and Corners. I spent about $3.3K painted. If I had to keep it under $1K I would have bought:
-1 Khri Colony
-2 Double Doors
-2 Cages
-2 Large Curved Walls
-1 Classic Dungeon Advance Builder
-1 Curved Dais

I realize that my reasoning for buying Burrows is just as subjective as the reasoning against buying Burrows. Still I wanted to post a shout out for Burrows.

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